Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto
Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto
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What is digital marketing:

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the retailing of producers to connect with capable visitors through the internet and distinct varieties of digital communication. This includes now not best dispatch, social media, and web-based definitely marketing, nevertheless additionally text and multimedia messages as a marketing and advertising channel.

As digital systems have come an including the quantity of protection into marketing and advertising plans and regular life, and as people, and including the amount of use digital widgets instead of touring fleshly shops, digital marketing, and marketing campaigns have ended up current, the usage of fusions of are trying to find engine optimization (SEO), are trying to find engine marketing (SEM), content material fabric marketing, influencer marketing, content material fabric automation, advertising marketing campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, and advertising-exchange marketing and, social media marketing, social media optimization, direct email marketing, display marketing and marketing, e-books, and optical disks and videotape video games have ended up commonplace.

Some multitudinous agencies and corporations provide services regarding digital marketing and marketing. They cope with the company’s clients/ customers. Once the client comes on board through the earnings team-the, the account administrators or client servicing executives coordinate client requirements daily. They additionally create methods typically grounded absolutely on the needs of the one and get them achieved from the company’s special teams.

They lease strategies like SEO, are trying to find gadget marketing and marketing (SEM), social media marketing and marketing (SMM), content material fabric marketing and marketing, and mobile marketing and marketing to ensure that your agency net factor and your producers are continuously visible to the digital client. They provide offerings like • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Website Strategy. • Social Media Marketing. • Email Outreach. • Re-targeting. • Content Generation and Optimization. • Quality Link Building

Here are some of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto:

List of Best digital marketing agencies in Toronto:

Brand & mortar

Brand & mortar is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It came grounded the time 2011. It’s an award-winning communication & advertising agency. It’s a full-company advertising agency in Toronto and San Diego that locations its visitors first. From brand development, net factor design, social media operation, and content material fabric marketing and marketing to designing a posterior mighty assertion crusade, the oils to capture the consumers, requests, and a customer’s need.

With the assist of the professional and committed group, they assist in navigating any complex, demanding situations and make it all smooth to capture. Since its launch-up, it has helped groups online, and offline obtain their employer objects, placing their totem strategy, net spots, social media, and marketing and marketing juggernauts on the commanding edge of client knowledge. It came ranked as an award-winning zenith advertising agency via severa zenith net spots and magazines.

They execute all the projects that ask to make a brand successful through conservative wood plans and strategic development. It has become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Seoplus is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It became innovated withinside the time 2012. It’s an award- triumphing virtual advertising and marketing organization with offerings in Canada and USA. The company has a platoon of experts dedicated to growing and imposing an extensive online advertising and marketing approach for their customer’s employers.

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They provide visitors throughout many verticals with the element of producing leads and including offers for one’s business. Their expert brigades consist of net advertising and marketing experts, and the offerings they provide are less costly for small and medium-length agencies throughout Canada. Seoplus have partnered with Google Premier Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and a Shopify Partner. Over the instances, it has become one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Search engine people is another one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It was founded in the year 2001. Since 2001 in virtual advertising and marketing enterprise, they made brands and used income with cross-channel, data-pushed approaches for almost decades. SEP is the primary commercial enterprise in Canada to come to be a Google AdWords Certified Company, are a Certified Hubspot Agency Partner, Bing Partner Certified, and an Unbounce Partner.

The company has a team of very professional experts who’re virtual advertising and marketing and seek specialists who continuously increase and innovate. They have experts who’re regularly invited to talk at pinnacle-tier enterprise conferences. Creating a brand or commercial enterprise a hit, they begin with in-intensity research, constructing a whole approach that generally takes 3-7 commercial enterprise days, relying on the complexity.

Since 2001they have helped 2,000+ Canadian companies, huge and small. The company has a crew of 60+ entrepreneurs is all a hundred Canadian, primarily based totally and operating out of Pickering, Ontario. Search engine human beings is Google’s first-ever and most extended status associate in Canada. Beyond the Google Premier Partnership, in addition, they keep pinnacle degree partnerships with Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Waze, Snap Chat, and dozens of different lesser-acknowledged however very cool areas of interest platforms.

They had been featured in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Profit Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Search Engine Standard.

SEP turned into decided on via way of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada to expand and educate the IAB Intensive Pay-Per-Click Course and the IAB Intensive Search Engine Optimization Course. SEP was identified as one of the hundred fastest-developing companies, and Canada’s maximum relied on inbound advertising and marketing agencies. Over the years, SEP has earned its recognition, making itself one of Toronto’s top 10 digital marketing agencies.


Viral Nation is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It changed into based withinside the year 2014. Viral Nation is a worldwide virtual advertising and marketing enterprise specializing in influencer advertising and marketing, skills representation, social media advertising and marketing and management, and content material production.

Viral Nation installed themselves as the primary skills enterprise operating throughout famous developing platforms, specializing in supporting the rising skills’ increase into distinct platforms, logo offers, and knowledge of their non-public trajectory. Viral Nation’s influencer campaigns are sponsored via the firm’s industry-main monitoring and ROI metrics.

Having outperformed on 95% of its influencer advertising and marketing campaigns, the enterprise is entrusted with marquee debts for leading manufacturers globally and has a patron retention price of over 90%. The full-carrier enterprise is directed via way of means of a professional crew that specializes in using actual results.

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It additionally boasts one of the world’s most extensive and maximum impactful influencer networks, representing gamers, athletes, social celebrities, and influential content material creators throughout dozens of industries, each solely and non solely. The viral country has received many awards, which include:

 Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency 

Chief Marketer 200: Top Marketing Agencies of 2019

 CMO Value Summit: Best Overseas Digital Marketing Award

 CMO Value Summit: Best Overseas (US) Brand Award

 Marketing Magazine: Top 30 Under 30.

 It has emerged out to be one of the top 10 and best digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Search & gather is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It focuses on paid search (PPC), paid social, and conversion (touchdown web page optimization). They maximize the effectiveness of their customers’ campaigns thru in-intensity audits and strategic optimization. The company has professionals who work with startups and SMBs to increase a plan to acquire measurable effects from their virtual advertising.

This entails getting clients at the maximum applicable networks, with correct audience targeting, enticing innovative, and careful monitoring for all campaigns. They have Adwords (Google Premier Partner), Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Apple Search Ads professionals. The business enterprise has labored with brands like Ecobee, Shutterstock Custom, RBC Ventures, Top Hat, QuickTapSurvey, HeyOrca!, Swept, FlipGive, Ten Spot, FanExpo. Search & gather has become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Page zero media is one of the best and top virtual marketing agencies in Toronto. It became based withinside the year 2001. It is a full-carrier virtual advertising agency specializing in Google AdWords, naturally seeking findability and associated services. Page Zero serves numerous customers from huge brands and associate agencies to boom eCommerce companies, monetary lead gen, startups, and more.

Our method of account control is comprehensive, fiercely competitive, and collaborative. Page Zero is understood first and important deep PPC expertise. The agency has a team of professional experts who’ve spoken at endless activities worldwide wrote the first actual full-length book on Google AdWords. Their PPC managers usually have 10+ years revel in, and in all likelihood, have reveled into your vertical.

Page Zero serves numerous customers from huge manufacturers and associate agencies, boom e-commerce companies, monetary lead gen, startups, and more. Page zero media have become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto.

  • Company website:
  • Contact no: (855) 713-8019
  • Address:130 Queens Quay East, Suite 1002
  • Toronto, ON Canada M5A 0P6


The status bureau is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto. It was founded in 2006. It is a technology-driven digital marketing company that handcrafts campaigns and builds growth into organizations. The company has professional experts who specialize in being excellent, getting results, and making life easier. 

They study the history, culture, and idiosyncrasies of the trusted partners. They become part of their marketing team. Investigate the audience and research their behavior, and execute them for making a brand successful.

 Their core services are:


Google Search Ads

Paid social media advertising

Campaign measurement + analytics

Being pals

The status bureau has emerged out to be one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto.

Company website:

Social media 55

Social media 55 is award prevailing and one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto. Social Media55 answers are custom-made designed to deal with the purchaser solicitations and give peace of studies with the aid of using conserving those channels so that one ought to recognize their time and energy on different factors of commercial enterprise.

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Their social media answers feed to any length of the commercial enterprise. Their ‘a la carte’ style is designed to maximize one’s potential to talk with the thing followership. With the help of a team who’s innovative, innovative, and professionals, the layout and construct custom-designed web spots that praise and serve one’s commercial enterprise solicitations from trade to a carrier acquainted platform. They produce a streamlined knitter-made internet point, an excellent way to seize a topmost point callers inflow.

They’ve branches each throughout globally. Social media55 assures its clients to offer satisfactory of its carrier. It has worked with Yahoo, The overload, Built in Chicago, 99, CV magazine, etc. It has earned its recognition to be one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Omni agency is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto. Omni, a full-stack virtual advertising corporation dedicated to presenting particular virtual answers that permit groups to attain new ranges of scale. The corporation has a group of experts who’re innovative geniuses is devoted to assisting in bringing their client’s success.

With over forty years of collective experience withinside the virtual advertising industry, altogether, they have got provide you with the exceptional techniques and cautious tactics to present one’s extraordinary consequences. At Omni, they aim to give the remarkable consumer revel in handing over accurate, tangible results from the investment. They have worked with brands like Casino Betting Coin, SoftProdigy, Medly. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


Ten thousand foot view is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto. The company has a brilliant group who are creative, innovative, and devoted to work. They put work on campaigns that generate the best earnings for their customer’s enterprise. They provide a perfect carrier at an aggressive fee, and there aren’t any contracts. They supply customized transportation having the primary touch who will continually be the individual who manages one’s advert campaigns without delay. Their retailers specialize withinside the offerings they offer to enterprises and use great-in-magnificence management & reporting tools. They have worked with Diesel Laptops, House Buyers of America, Quick Cash four-Test Strips, All-Set Rentals. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Toronto.


What are the Top 10 marketing agencies in Toronto?


What are the other agencies to consider?

  1. Martial group
  2. Skille
  3. Major Tom
  4. Kinex media
  5. Hotspex media

How much digital marketing agency charge?

The charges may vary from one agency to another. It typically depends on what you’re asking and services.


Well, these are some of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto. These agencies have highly skilled professionals and are dedicated to working. They have worked with well-owned companies and have experience in making a brand successful.

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