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Ver Doramas y Peliculas Online
Ver Doramas y Peliculas Online
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Are you worried about watching this dorama for free in Spanish subtitles? Then don’t worry, I will share the best platform to enjoy all Asian doramas in Spanish with subtitles for free. Here is that platform
Growing up is making choices about what’s important to you. It’s also about learning to decide the things you’re willing to sacrifice and the things you’ll never give up regardless of what. It’s not always good to stay the course and fight; sometimes, you’ll need more maturity and courage to surrender and let go.

There’s a lot of change and development this week, beginning with an entire show devoted (mostly) to Hee Do and her mother. However, here’s where one of my main complaints about this show is revealed as, more than ever, the episode caused me to feel that the same kind of changes in the storyline of the past was taking place in a new way at the moment.
There’s no reason why it’s taking place right now compared to any time over the past ten years.

Perhaps you can claim that we’re viewing the present through the eyes of Min-chae rather than Hee-do’s. And Min-chae may not be aware of certain aspects until she was exposed to the same from Hee-do’s point of view.

However, I wonder what would have been more beneficial to let Hee-do discover her diary and relive her youth while trying to parent teens. This way, the current story will be more relevant.
The primary conflict Hee-do and her mother face this week is with her dad’s death and how the Mom of Hee-do has dealt with this loss. In other words, her approach to it. Hasn’t yet dealt with the loss. In a desperate bid to be a successful newscaster, the mother of Hee-do has tried to put all her feelings aside every time and sacrificed her family to be professional.
She even skipped her husband’s funeral, as she decided to cover breaking news instead to demonstrate her skills after being called out for not doing enough. While they’ve not spoken about it, she has never been forgiven by her.

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In the timeline for 1999, As the date for Dad’s funeral is near, Hee-do discovers that the chairs made of wood that he designed for his family are in decay. Mom promises to bring them to the carpenter to repair them; however, you wouldn’t think it? That she promised breaking news repeatedly surfaces on the day she promised. Again, Mom decides to go the extra mile to work, despite her pledge to Hee-do.

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