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The chatbots are present everywhere. No matter where you click or what website you frequent, chatbots are the next big evolution and game changer in the way brands are doing their business. Since the businesses are finding their ground online, the chatbots help in automating and simplifying the process. 

But before getting into the essentials about a chatbot, it is important to understand what the chatbots are. The chatbots are automated programs powered by AI that interact with the customers on the behalf of the customers. These are designed in a way that they can converse with the customers using texts or audio messages. Not just on social media sites, you can find these on all major websites and applications as well. 


Over a billion people worldwide use Whatsapp to communicate with one another and consume content. It is the third most popular social media platform. Therefore, it automatically becomes one of the best places to target an audience and make customers attracted to your business. It is through the whatsapp chatbot API that you can have your customers get instant support. Moreover, the answers to their questions can be automated. This helps in saving the extra effort and time and the use of manpower as well. 

1- Focussing on the goal: It is extremely important that as a business organization you are consciously aware of what to do with your chatbot and the reason behind its creation. If you expect too much from your chatbot, it might get a bit complicated and even the user experience quality might deteriorate significantly. Therefore, it is essential that the chatbot is set to cater to one particular goal and you focus on achieving it by all means. 

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2- Shorter interactions should be the way to go forward: No one likes to get wordy messages because no one has the time to read them in entirety. Therefore, the shorter the message, the likelier it is to have the attention of your users and get them to look at your product/campaign. 

3- Availability of backup help if the chatbot fails: One should always be equipped in the cases where the chatbots fail to function. The customers shouldn’t suffer from a technological error. Therefore, if a user has written a long message that a chatbot is unable to comprehend, you need to make sure that your human staff is accessible at all times and can act as the backup help. 

4- Use simpler language on chatbots: the conversation with the customers should feel natural and not drafted. The simpler the usage of words, the easier it becomes to make it relatable to your customers. Your customers should understand that they are not talking to someone who isn’t at par with them but can relate to every word written and feel as if they’ve interacted with you countless times. 

5- Initiating a friendly conversation: It is essential for you to always keep the conversation in chatbots friendly. The templates should always be in an active voice so that the customers feel that they are being heard in real time. Usage of proper grammar and punctuation always keeps the scorecard looking good, so make sure that all the templates are proofread into the chatbots. 


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1- Don’t leave the customers unattended: If a user feels that he has been left unattended for way too long or not given the due importance that he deserves it can lead to a poor customer experience. Therefore, at all times the customer must come first. 

2- Don’t ask for too much from your customers: if your users are required to type to every prompt that appears on their screen, it is asking for too much from them and they would become disinterested. Too much typing can also confuse the chatbot and it might not know how to respond to the typed conversation, in which case it fails. 

3- Don’t disguise your Whatsapp chatbot API: you should be upfront about the chatbot with your customers instead of disguising as a human representative. They are more likely to trust you if they know that you have been honest with them in your conversations. 

4- Don’t ask lame questions from your users: Instead of asking questions that you already know the answer to and having your users type long messages, it is much easier if you just just provide them with open-ended questions with a list of options to choose from and the user can easily select from that list. In fact, this also helps the chatbot in understanding the interaction much better. 

5- Don’t have sloppy and one-sided conversations: It should never be only the chatbot doing all the talking on the behalf of your company. It is extremely important that at times you map out different interactions with different users and help in drafting different responses for different situations so that the chatbot can learn and imbibe all of that knowledge and be prepared to come up with different responses. 

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Hence, while the Whatsapp chatbot API  is the best way to engage with a larger target audience, there must be certain things that shall be taken into consideration when using the chatbots so that the experience is streamlined and your customers can get instant support. The most crucial thing to remember is that never consider chatbots a replacement for human assistance. You will always need that so that should an emergency arise because of a non-working chatbot, your customer executives are on top of it and ready to deal with the problems head on. 

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