Dr. Jay Feldman, the legend with Luck

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Everyone does not dream to be a mentor or an entrepreneur and definitely, everyone does not have the caliber of managing the two. Luck always looks for the people who struggle their hearts off to achieve their ambition. Dr. Jay Feldman is a name who is much appreciated and is inspired for his work, services, dedication as well as impressive achievements in the field of medicine and digital marketing.

Youngest inspiration for youth:

Youth always looks for something inspirational instead of long lectures. Actions indeed speak louder than words and Dr. Jay has proved it right. The phenomenon that was a major setback for the whole world, Dr. Jay took it as an opportunity to build his empire at the age of 28. This is the best example of a living legend with a luck. He has worked effortlessly and in six months, he has grown his own seven-figure media agency that offers services and helps other people who are striving for help and support from bigger agencies.

How Dr. Jay Feldman helps other people?

 Getting help in the present era does not seem like anything extraordinary as lots and lots of YouTube channels, media pages, videos, and audios are there to help the people in different spheres of life but the actual question is whether the helping hand is helping people or is just a show-off of help to earn the money?

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In this regard, you can trust Dr. Jay blindly. He has built mediums through which people can seek his help and assistance.  He has the following mediums of helping other people:

  1. Otter public relations-an agency
  2. REX fitness
  3. Mentors collective-a pod cost.

Through his agency, he puts forward many issues and problems that are being faced by new entrepreneurs who are trying to pave their way toward the fulfillment of their dreams.

Through REX Fitness, he is offering professional help and guidance to the people who are trying to remain fit while working out at home. He has also devoted his valuable services during times of epidemic.

Through mentors collective, he offers help and professional guidance to the general public. Mentors collective is a place where many professionals in the field get together and share their views and experiences to help out the people. The people offering their expertise and advice in Mentors Collective are usually the people from the fields of marketing, business, e-commerce, digital marketing,  and other fields where entrepreneurship offers the best benefit. One of the famous entrepreneurs of this platform is Brian. Brian is a sensation among the youth who started his business at the age of 19 and is presently offering his help to people like authors and speakers.

How to face challenges?

In one of his interviews, Mr. Jay talks about the approach to facing challenges. Regarding his journey, he expresses his point of view that, definitely; he has faced many challenges as he was offering ideas that never existed before. he has to work from the rock Bottom. the journey of generating a social platform that is beneficial for him as well for the people was definitely, a lonely journey and he has to Quit social life for a while.

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While answering a question regarding how he has faced these challenges? He answered that the road to success is always a lonely journey. You have to face all the challenges alone. The only favor you can do for yourself is to relate to and surround yourself with the people who think like you and had the mindset of like you. Another thing for your peace of mind will be listening to the people in your field. If they share their experience and talk their heart out to help the struggling people, you can get the password to success. He further adds that the road to success is not about good feelings and getting success at every step. failure is one of the most important parts of success. Never takes failure as something bad. take failure as a try which is not as successful as you think it might be. failure is one of the biggest lessons you can get while doing entrepreneurship. If one strategy fails, you need to take the chance and immediately change the policy and strategy.

This is a frequently asked question by many people. In the mentors collective, Dr. Jay has answered this question. He answers that a definite and absolute morning routine can do you a favor. If you get up every day at the same time and do the same things every day, you can get a chance of getting successful day after day. Now, what is the reason behind this strategy? The reason behind this is that when you get up in the morning you are in a raw state. when your mind is not connected to any kind of business or any kind of strategy. You are in a  state where you can clear your head and can think of the accomplishments you want to have in a single day. Everyday targets pave the path toward long-term targets.

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