Easy To Follow Solutions For Stubborn Carpet Stains

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Carpets feel nice and soft to walk upon. They also provide comfort to the house. Everything about the carpets feels nice until stains come along. Carpets meet with a huge number of accidents such as stains and spills. Some of the stains are quite easy to remove while some are stubborn. Carpets have a problem in letting go of such stains. They absorb the stains and make it difficult to eradicate them. Getting rid of such stubborn stains also consumes a lot of effort and time. So, today we are going to walk you through some easy expert carpet cleaning solutions that help to get rid of stubborn stains. 

Follow the tips given below and remove all kinds of stubborn stains from your carpet. We have enlisted some of the easy methods and techniques that you can use to remove the stains. 

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Easy solutions to get rid of stubborn stains from your carpets:

Stains caused by animal accidents- No doubt you would have urine and vomit stains on your carpet if you have pets at your home. Such stains refuse to leave the carpet and stick onto its fibres. Blotting is the key for urine stain removal. Blot as much as the stain so that it doesn’t get fixed onto the carpet. If in any case, the stains get set onto the carpet, spray the mixture of vinegar and water and let it sit for some time. You can also sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it be for 24 hours. Then, you can easily scrape the stain off. 

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Blood stains- Blood stains can be really difficult to get rid of. Just mix two cups of hydrogen peroxide with one part of soap and gently apply it on the stain. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. After some time, blot the stain with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if necessary. Remember not to rub the stain and just blot it. After removing the stain, rinse the carpet with cold water to remove excess soap. 

Red wine stains- One of the worst carpet stains that you can ever get is red wine stains. Red wine penetrates deep into the fibres of the carpet and damages it. For removing the stain, first, blot dry and then add club soda onto the affected area. The club soda forms bubbles and breaks the stain from the fibres of the carpet. This allows to lift up the stain and remove it easily without any effort. Repeat as per the necessity. 

Stains caused by chewing gum- Technically, chewing gum is not a stain. But this sticky stuff can cause stains for sure. There is a simple thing that you can do to get rid of such stains, grab some ice and put it on the stain. Let it sit for some time so that the gum freezes. Once the gum gets frozen, scrape it off using a dull object. If there remains a stain even after scraping it off, use the hydrogen peroxide and soap solution for carpet cleaning

While treating the stubborn stains, you have to make sure that you act immediately. Using the right products and techniques will definitely help to remove stubborn stains. Ensure that you remove the stains fast and clean your carpet regularly. Regular cleaning helps to avoid wearing out of carpets. 

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