Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA in 2021
Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA in 2021

Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA in 2021

This post was most recently updated on July 15th, 2021

Electrical conductors play a vital role in maintaining a smooth flow of electricity throughout the nation. The electric companies handle the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power to various sectors like agriculture, aviation, education, residential, entertainment, healthcare, industrial, and infrastructure. Every country has its electricity management companies and distribution systems according to their estimated consumption. Let’s get to know about the top 10 electric companies in the USA in 2021.


myr group.png

MYR GROUP is one of the oldest electrical companies that came into existence in 1891 through the vision of Richard S Swartz. The company has its business spread in the USA and Canada and supports more than 6000 employees. The main reason behind its consistency is the exceptional work, empowering connections, and security of the workers. It focuses on substations, transmission, distribution, construction, river crossings, and energy conservation.

The company has various subsidiaries like LE Myers Co, Sturgeon Electric, MYR Energy Services, ES Boulous Company, and High Country Line Constructions. Some notable works include Lexington Dooms Transmission Line, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Cabot Station Generating Plant, and Southwest Minnesota Transmission Upgrade. It has also won the Zero Injury Award and Safety Excellence Award by NECA in 2020.



In 1919, Moses Rosendin established an American electrical company called Rosendin Electric, having its headquarters in San Jose, California. Mike Greenawalt (CEO), Matt Englert (COO), Keith Douglas (COO), and Paolo DeGrassi (President) are currently managing the company. It supports more than 6200 employees and handles the biotech, commercial, education, entertainment, and healthcare sector. Some exceptional services include audio/visuals, information modeling, engineering, energy conservation, Prefabrication, and integrated project delivery.

The company often seeks to attract clients, improvise technologies, enhance project quality, and increase revenues. It strictly abides by ethics and values set in the business world and considers employee safety as a top-most priority. The numerous associations from all over the world and have earned high credibility in the market. Its notable contributions include JW Marriott Anaheim, Wilshire Grand Center, Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center, and Austin Bergstrom International Airport.


Henkels and McCoy Group.png

Henkels & McCoy Group is a private electrical engineering and construction company. It came into existence in 1923 through the vision of T. Roderick Henkels, and David J. Cox and James A Duffy is managing it currently. The company has its headquarters in Pennsylvania and supports more than 5000 employees. It is well-known for its transmission, distribution, gas distribution, and pipeline integration services. 

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Henkels & McCoy prioritizes the safety of its employees, reducing project costs, and building client relations. Some famous collaboration is the AWEA, NWPPA, IPAA, AGA, DCA, MEA, NFPA, PCCA, and Northeast Gas Association. It also provides various top-class services to its clients like construction, design & engineering, project management, ongoing management, and emergency services. The company has won awards like the Top 600 Specialty Conductors (8th), EC&M Top 20 Electrical Contractors (6th), and the Under 30 Electrical All-Star (2020).


cupertino electric.png

Cupertino Electric, formerly known as Kucher Electric, is a private electrical engineering and construction company. It came into existence in 1954 through the vision of Eugene Ravizza, and Tom Schott is managing it currently. The company has its headquarters in San Jose, California, and supports more than 3800 employees. It is well-known for its innovative designs, excellent services, and unique technological experience. 

Cupertino Electric prioritizes the security of its employees, complete customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery of projects. Some popular projects are the town Palo Alto, Levi’s Stadium, Solar Play, Transbay Cable, Harvey Milk Terminal, and Thunder Valley Casino & Resort. It also provides various top-class services to its clients like renewable energy, pre-fabrication, electrical installation, data centers, and style & construction.


five star.jpg

Five Star Electric started its business as a construction company in 1959 and then diversified as an electrical company. Russell S. Lancey (CEO) and Robert J. Saville (VP) are currently managing the company having its headquarters in New York. It tries to customize its services according to its client requirements and stay updated with new technologies. Its focus is to complete every task with integrity, reliability, stability, safety, and efficiency. The corporation has more than 1500+ employees that efficiently manage the construction, engineering, and contracting divisions. 

The electrical company is true to its name and handles control work, security, audio/visual, light & power, transit signals, and instrumentation. It assists various sectors such as aviation, healthcare, residential, hotels, and education. One World Trade Center, Madison Square Garden Station, and Helen and Martin Kimmel Center. The company also serves Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant and Columbia University’s Jerome L. Greene Science Center. Since 2011, Five Star Electric is working under the guidelines of Tutor Perini Corporation.

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faith technologies.png

Faith Technologies is an American electrical company that came into existence in 1972 through the vision of Mike Jansen. It functions from its headquarters in Wisconsin and supports more than 1645 employees. The company effectively regulates the planning, designing, engineering, installation, energy efficiency, industrial, and communication divisions. Some of its services include ARC Flash, Critical power, design-build, and field & preconstruction solutions.

The company formulates world-class opportunities to improve the leadership and investment skills of its employees. Note-worthy projects include Tushaus, T-REX, CABELA’s, Kalahari Resort, Palermo Villa, Mercury Marine, and Triumph Foods. In addition, are Socore Dairyland, Freeport Lift Bridge, Encircle Health, Project Vortex, Quad Graphics, and Staten Island Ferry. 



In 1994, Jorge Mas Canosa decided to form an electrical company called Mastec Inc in the USA. The American electrical company has its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, and functions under the leadership of Jose Mas (CEO). It focuses on the engineering, heavy construction, and project management industry and supports more than 22000 employees. The company offers the best infrastructural services and emphasizes environmental and energy conservation.

Mastec expertise in electricity generation, wireless connections, and renewable energy, and oil & natural gas pipelines. It also provides sewer systems, infrastructure upgrading, wind & solar farms, and satellite communication services. Associations: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Windfarm Construction, Solar Power Project, and Burlington CO. The company has various subsidiary companies working under its jurisdiction. Some of them are Pumpco, Wanzek, Byers Engineer, MasTec Quadgen, Fabcor, Globe Tec, EC Source, and 3 Phase Line.



In 1994, Anthony J. Guzzi decided to establish an American electric company called the EMCOR Group, having its headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. The company is one of the Fortune500 companies and supports more than 33000 employees, and has its business spread in 170 locations worldwide. It also handles the industrial, commercial, transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, and institutional sector. Some exceptional services include fire protection, building automation, indoor air quality, and energy conservation.

Over the years, EMCOR has acquired numerous companies that are functioning according to its rules and regulations. Certain companies include Consolidated Engineering, Comfort Systems, Fluidics Inc, Ohmstede Ltd, Scalise Industries, Ardent Services, and CCI Mechanical. Some notable projects include Port of Miami, George Washington Bridge, Herbert Hoover Dike, and NASA John C. Stennis Space Center. The company has also collaborated with ABC, ACCA, AGC, AHLA, ASHRAE, BCA, BSC, BOMA, CURT, DBIA, ESGR, GBCA, ISSA, IFMA, MCAA, and RoSPA.

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Quanta Services is an American electrical company that came into existence in 1997. Duke Austin (CEO) and James H. Haddox (CFO) currently manage the company. It functions from its headquarters in Houston, Texas, and supports more than 40000 employees. The company effectively regulates the infrastructural, commercial, industrial, and communication divisions. It emphasizes customer satisfaction, the safety of employees, and the effective transmission of electrical signals.

The electric company involves planning, designing, maintenance, and installation process during the completion of projects. Some notable projects include Maurepas Pipeline, Labrador Island Link, Mountaineer Express, Bruce Power B18 LAN, Fort McMurray West, and Transelca Lattice Tower Replacement. It has also received awards from well-known organizations like ENR’s Top 600, Houston Chronicle 100 list, American Heart Association, and FORTUNE World Most admired companies. 



Integrated Electrical Services, popularly known as IES Holdings, started solely as an electrical company and came into existence in 1997. Jeffrey Gendell (Chairman), Gary Matthews (CEO), and Gail D. Makode (CLO) currently manage the company. It functions from its headquarters in Houston, Texas, and supports more than 5000 employees. The company effectively regulates the electrical, commercial, industrial, and contracting divisions. Its business is spread in 114 locations worldwide and ranks 5th among the 100 best performing public companies in Houston.

The company specializes in AV, solar, transmission, security alarms, distribution, residential, commercial, industrial, low-voltage, and communication services. Additional services emergency troubleshooting, testing & maintenance, and critical plant shutdown. Some of the projects include Valent Biosciences, Linus Pauling Science Center, and Medford PP Mix Spheres. IES has also acquired the MISCOR Group, NEXT Electric, HR Allen, Technibus Inc, and Electrical Conductors North Inc.

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It is impossible to imagine a world without the existence of electric connections. As John Wesley quotes that electricity is the soul of the Universe, it is essential to use it appropriately. There are numerous towns, villages, and suburbs around the world where people are living in darkness. Every one of us must decide to contribute towards energy conservation for the world to remain bright. So, let’s save energy for a darkness-free future!



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