Embedded Companies in India
Top 10 Embedded Companies in India

Top 10 Embedded Companies in India

This post was most recently updated on October 15th, 2021

Embedded companies are the companies that provide embedded software development services. These companies are consisting experienced engineers in embedded software development services. According to a research report published by global industry analysts Inc., the global market for or embedded system is projected to reach 234 billion USD by 2021. According to this report the growth was driven due to the Production and sales of consumer electronics and increased investment in automation technologies in manufacturing sector. There are few Popular and well reputed Embedded companies in India.

The embedded industry is getting larger by day. Although there are several embedded companies in India people don’t know the names of the embedded companies. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 embedded companies in India. Here, you will get to inform the best embedded companies in India. Please check companies below.

List of Top 10 embedded companies in india:

1Tata Elxsi Ltd.1989Bangalore, Karnataka
2Infosys Limited1981Bangalore, Karnataka
3KPIT Technologies Limited1990Pune, Maharashtra
4HCL Technologies1976Noida, Uttarpradesh
5Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1997Bangalore, Karnataka
6Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd2000Bangalore, Karnataka
7Robosoft Systems2008Mumbai, Maharashtra
8Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd2001Bangalore, Karnataka
9Wipro Limited1945Bangalore, Karnataka
10Captronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.1999Bangalore, Karnataka

Tata Elxsi Ltd


Tata Elxsi Ltd is one of the top 10 embedded companies in India, founded in 1989 headquartered in Bangalore. TATA group is a parenting organization of this company. This company provides various services like research and strategy to electronics and mechanical design, software development, Validation and deployment and more.

Tata Elxsi is one of the world’s leading design and Technology Service providers. They work across 20+ countries and 26% of their employees are women. They have both in-house project and Consulting Projects. Company blends technology with creativity to help their clients.

Infosys Limited

Infosys. Limited

Infosys limited is one of the leading companies in digital services and consulting. It is one of the top 10 embedded companies in India established in 1981 headquartered in Bangalore. It is an Indian multinational IT company provides services like business consultancy, software development management, maintenance & independent validation services, Insurance, manufacturing, IT and Outsourcing Services. It is the second largest IT Company in India.

Infosys has 82 offices and 123 Development Centers across the world and, they have clients among 50 countries.

KPIT Technologies Limited


KPIT Technologies Limited is one of the top 10 embedded companies in India founded in 1990 headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. This company is very popularly known as KPIT and mainly provides software programmes to automotive companies. This multinational corporation has centers in other countries like the USA, China, Japan and Thailand. The IT department of Cummins called Cummins info Technologies Merged with the KPIT in 2002. After the merging company changed, its name to KPIT Cummins info systems limited. Later in 2013 this name was changed too. Now this company is known as KPIT Technologies Limited.

HCL Technologies


HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational IT company among top 10 embedded companies in India. HCL Founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This Company provides its services worldwide and has multiple services including software development, outsourcing, consulting and managed services. It has revenue of 1.6 billion in 2021. It also operates sectors like Aerospace and defensive, banking, energy, Utilitarians, health care, insurance, consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive and more. Company has Offices in 15 countries with 168,000 employees.

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Mistral Solutions

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a company providing embedded  developmental services for product Development and deployment. It is one of the best embedded companies in India founded in 1997, headquartered in Bangalore.  This company focuses mainly in three domains Including product Engineering Services, Aerospace& defense and Homeland Security. They believe in creating value for their customers by focusing five core values including customer Success, ownership and Innovation, ethics and integrity, Stakeholder respect and transparency.  Company Specializes In board design, FPGA design, Device drivers And BSP development, middleware and embedded application development, system integration, production Support and product lifecycle management.

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Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd

Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd is an electronics company founded in 2000 Headquartered in Bangalore. It works based on the concept of ‘One-Stop Solution Company’. This company provides design and development of Hardware /software and mechanicals. They are providing their services through Engineering Services and IT consulting in Domains like defense, aerospace, networking, telecommunication, industrial and semi conductor industry segments. Company has a vision of become a leading provider of Technology Expertise and solutions for the new world of information. Company has both National and International Consumers In multiple sectors. It is one of the best Embedded companies in India.

Robosoft Systems Private limited

Robosoft Systems

Robosoft systems Private limited is a multinational corporation In research and product development founded in 2008 headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra. It is a privately held company  specialized in Hardware/ software design, automation, sensor networks, prototyping and manufactoring in the field of internet of things and more. They have completed a lot of Works in Mobile robotics. company started with the vision of making big in robotics. They have web shop called Robostore contains DIY hobby kits. Robotics kits, sensor modules and motor Drives. Robosoft systems Also develops  robotics labs and conducts workshops for students they are interested in robotics in various engineering colleges. It is one of the Top Embedded Companies in India.

Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd


Ittiam systems private limited is an Audio-visual consultant and among the top 10 embedded companies in India Headquartered in Bangalore. They have a revenue of  20 million USD in 2021. Its revenue is mainly created through DSP intellectual property and reference designs. They provide Solutions to world leaders in multimedia through its intelligent video technology systems and solutions. They are specialists in broadcast Media Solutions, industriail & defense Solutions, Automotive infotamment Solutions and consumer Mobility Solutions.

Wipro Limited


Wipro Limited is a multi-national company among top 10 embedded companies in India that provide services in IT consulting and business process. It is one of the largest employer company with 200,000 Employees founded in 1945 by Muhammad premji. They helping their clients to adapt to the digital world with the power of cognitive Computing ,hyper Automation, robotics, Cloud, analytics and emerging Technologies. It is the third largest IT company in India.

Captronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Captronic systems

Established in 1999, Captronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. is pioneer in Automation and Test Equipment and specialized in design and development Solutions. The teams here offer a range of sophisticated forms of custom automated test, control and acquisition systems for R&D, design validation and production testing.

Captronic Systems has established a reputation as one of the leading System Integrators Servicing needs of sectors ranging from Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Manufacturing and Space

FAQ’s about Top 10 Embedded Companies in India

What is an embedded company?

An embedded company is a company that provides embedded software development services and that has experted engineers in embedded software design.

 What are the services an embedded company offers?

  • Embedded Software feasibility study
  • Technology selection
  • Software/Firmware development
  • Design simulation
  • Software Architecture/concept design
  • Driver development
  • Board Support Package development
  • Software-Hardware integration
  • Software-Hardware integration
  • Software design verification
  • Software debugging

What are Embedded Programming Languages?

  •  Java ME
  • Mruby
  • Objective C
  • C/C++
  • Assembly
  • Rust
  • Phyton

 What are the Embedded Programming Operating Systems?


  • Android
  • iOS
  • ThreadX
  • Windows
  • VXWorks
  • FreeRTOS
  • QNX
  • eCos
  • LynxOS

What are the types of embedded technologies?

  •  Intel
  • Infineon
  • NXP
  • ARM
  • AVR
  • ST
  • Microchip
  • And many more



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