Eric Anklesaria a Public Figure in Finance Sector

Eric Anklesaria a Public Figure in Finance Sector
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The name Eric jimmy Anklesaria is the epitome of implementing out-of-the-box business strategies and expanding the decision-making process to focus on long-term goals.  Eric Anklesaria The renowned financial services expert goes beyond the traditional financial structures and implements innovative ideas to sustain the business over time.

The very talented, highly skilled and one of the brightest and sharpest minds in the global finance sector is known for its exceptional approach to critical organizational issues. With his creativity and brilliance, he has proved that financial leaders, CFOs and financial managers are not just number crunchers anymore. They hold the unique ability to focus on developing a transformational leadership style that creates positive change and growth. In finance, Eric has served across different industries and organizations. The young entrepreneur and certified consumer banker use his financial expertise to navigate volatile situation & deliver market-leading business results to his clients.

Eric Anklesaria Expertise in finance sector

  1. Eric jimmy anklesaria holds more than 20 years of diverse industry expertise, and through dynamic financial practices,
  2. he always looks to improve financial projections, implement scalability, optimize asset management etc.
  3. He has worked across geographies including the USA, Europe, the UK, Middle East, Eastern Europe
  4. The UK, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa and South-East Asia

Eric is a trusted name in the financial sector and has provided an ever-changing business environment to every company he has worked with. Eric Anklesaria is capable of resolving multiple and complex business issues. He has worked across geographies including the USA, Europe, the UK, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa and South-East Asia.

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Let’s have a look at Eric Jimmy Anklesaria significant career achievements.

  1. Currently, he is a part of Billion Lives Business Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.
  2. This renowned software product company is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It specializes in streamlining programs and schemes for NGOs, government agencies etc.
  3. Eric Jimmy Anklesaria creates innovative technology solutions to serve various social causes.
  4. As an Advisory Board Member in the company since July 2021, Eric has defined the operating and revenue model for the country’s largest Direct Benefit Transfer platform for the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The product was launched a couple of months ago, and more than 2.4 crore women benefit from it. 
  5. Earlier, Eric had served as a Vice President of the Global Leader Banking Capitals Market Transformation at Capgemini.
  6. Famous as a global leader in consulting, digital transformation Technology and engineering services
  7. the company remains at the forefront in providing customized business intelligence services. Within less than 3 years of his practice there, the renowned financial services expert has achieved impeccable KPIs.

According to Eric Anklesaria News, through his brilliant financial strategies, the company has achieved a magnificent growth of more than 1000% and crossed Euro 30 million in revenue with more than 45% margins.

Eric Work life

  1. He magnificently managed a team of 100+ people and worked with an extended team of nearly 300+ professionals at KPMG.
  2. Being a partner in the management consulting there,
  3. Eric has helped the organization successfully implement its CRM strategy.
  4. While in the same position, he won most of the public sector consulting engagements in India for core banking and IT transformation.
  5. Eric was ranked as a star performer every year in every organization he engaged with
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Apart from that, he was also invited to chair the DFS committee to present the reforms and suggestions for the payments and settlement systems to the Reserve Bank of India. Moreover, he was also nominated and served as an active member of the Department of Financial Services under the Ministry of Finance for IT reforms. He got the privilege thereof chairing and placing the report to the RBI and the Ministry of Finance.


Leaders like Eric are the rarest examples in their respective fields as they acquire the fine art of changing the entire ecosystem. Today, the corporate finance sector is evolving rapidly, and there is a need for more leaders like Eric Anklesaria who can bring a mega shift in transparency, agility, security and efficiency to the entire business ecosystem. Through the expertise and unique ability to quickly analyze key business drivers, tomorrow’s enterprises will be able to develop strategies to grow their business lines. Top financial services experts like Eric have a clear vision to ensure their clients remain ahead of the competition. Eric acquires a result-oriented approach and focuses not only on setting targets and forecasting but also on meeting these targets. He dares to make complex and harsh decisions and do whatever it takes to achieve his vision and reach his objectives.

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