Essential Items Needed When You Join The Yoga Teacher Training Course

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So, you are heading to a yoga retreat for a Yoga TTC? The 200 Hr Kundalini yoga teacher training course can be a life-changing experience for you. So, you need to be well-prepared. Moreover, you may have a goal to get fit, self-learn or to teach others. This one course can do it all for you. It may so happen, that you were already well-acquainted with various schools of yoga. However, learning yoga for the self, and for teaching others differs in various aspects. 

Before you pack your bags, you must check the lost of essential items, that you need when you join a training session. 

List of Essentials Decoded 

Before, you join thebest yoga school in India,you must check out the essentials mentioned herein. 

Notebooks – This is the first essential, that you need today. You have to carry notebooks, to make notes. It is a fact that, all yoga schools do give you all the study material, pdf notes, and also a few printouts. However, you may still need to make some personal notes. You might also write about your transformation process, and emotional journey. Yoga is not just about learning asanas, but it is much more than that. Yoga means a journey of the soul towards the higher consciousness. So, it is apt that you carry your own notebooks, to make personalized notes. 

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Yoga Mat – You should carry your own yoga mat with you, when you go for the Kundalini yoga teacher training course.It is essential to carry it all the way from your home town or your home country. In today’s Covid times, it may not be just apt to use another’s yoga mat, as there is a fear of infection. However, you can carry your own. Additionally, you also need to carry a mat cleanser. So, that after you practice outdoors, you can clean the mat for use the next day inside the hall. Your teacher may decide to conduct classes both indoors and outdoors. 

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Proper Yoga Clothes – You need to carry proper yoga clothes, that are not too tight and not too loose. If the attire is too tight, it will hinder your movement. And, if it is too loose, you might risk revealing your body. The right yoga attire has loops and ties at the right places. So, when you contort your bodies, or do a headstand, your clothes stay in place. Moreover, you also need to breathe properly, in your yoga attire. If you are unable to do that, you are not wearing the right one. It is best not to share clothes with the others. 

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Ear Plugs – This is another essential, that you must not miss on your yoga session. Sometimes, there is too much noise in the background, or others might be noisy. In such cases, it is best to carry your ear plugs to cut off all the unnecessary noises. Moreover, you can concentrate and focus in a better manner. 

Camera or Camera-Phone – This is another absolute essential in your yoga teacher training course. The reason is quite simple to understand. You can click the picture of the difficult yoga poses and refer to them later on. It will help you to enhance your yoga practice. When your teacher is explaining anatomy and physiology, on the white board, you may also want to click a few pictures as they are better to gulp, than book diagrams. Nowadays, many cheap tripod-stands and cameras are available. Most vloggers and bloggers use them to click self-pictures and videos. Join the Best Yoga School in India to learn about the holistic modality, better than the others. 

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Some of the yoga schools do give you some of the essentials, like notebooks, props, mats, etc. However, it is always better to carry your own. 

There is one thing or shall we say two? You need to travel for the yoga program, with an open heart and an open mind. This will help you to master the yogic principles in their entirety. Moreover, you can absorb a lot of knowledge and get the right divination in your sub-conscious mind, if you are open. 

So, go for your training, all equipped today!

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