Everything You Need to Know About A Bum Lift Surgery

Bum Lift Surgery
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A butt lift is an aesthetic procedure that contours and enhances the gluteal region of the body, eliminating excess skin and tightening fatty tissues for a more defined figure.

This procedure can be combined with other procedures that add volume to the buttocks, such as liposuction (fat transfer or fat grafting), implants, or a combination of those options.

Getting Started

If you’re looking for a perky derriere, there are two approaches you can take. A traditional butt lift that removes excess skin and fat, or a mini butt lift using less fat through liposuction.

Butt lifts can help contour a sagging, deflated, or flat appearance caused by aging, pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations, or genetics. These conditions often have reduced tissue elasticity which makes it harder for the skin to bounce back after stretching.

A butt lift is a safe and effective way to enhance the shape of your buttocks, possibly helping reduce cellulite’s appearance, which is done by our best Plastic Surgeon. Additionally, it reshapes both buttocks and hips for a more feminine silhouette and hourglass figure.

Preparing for Your Procedure

The butt lift surgery can help restore the shape and appearance of sagging or loose skin in the buttocks, which may be caused by excess weight, age, pregnancy, or genetics.

A butt lift can add volume to the butt cheeks for a more rounded and contoured appearance. This may reduce the visibility of sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks.

This procedure involves liposuctioning fat from areas such as the hips or lower abdomen and injecting it into the buttocks – this technique is known as BBL (Blood-Based Liposuction).

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Due to the fact that newly injected fat cells will not be surrounded by healthy tissue, it takes one year for them to fully integrate into their new location. Therefore, maintaining a stable weight before and after BBL injections is key in order to maximize your results for the long haul.

During Your Procedure

A bum lift is a body contouring procedure that enhances the shape and contour of your buttocks and surrounding areas. It can correct naturally flat or smaller buttocks, loose skin, and asymmetry caused by gravity or other factors, as well as enhance sagging skin or flatten out larger buttocks.

A plastic surgeon typically performs this procedure as an outpatient under sedation or general anesthesia. After making a small incision, excess fat, and skin are removed from the buttocks.

Once the fat has been taken out, it is processed and purified by your plastic surgeon before being injected into the buttocks to enhance their appearance. With higher concentrations of fat cells than what would be provided with butt implants, you get a more natural-looking backside.

Once the injections are complete, your plastic surgeon will ensure the fat cells are distributed correctly for the desired shape and size. At least 30% of the injected fat may be lost during recovery, but any remaining cells will survive and provide long-lasting enhancement.

Post-Operative Care

Postoperative care is an integral component of healing. Achieving proper post-operative care will lead to faster and better results, as well as reduce the risk of infections, blood clots, or wound failure.

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After surgery, you may experience some bruising and swelling around the buttocks and incision sites. This is normal and should subside within 6-8 weeks.

Our best Plastic Surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic to avoid the development of a bacterial infection or blood clot. If there is fluid buildup beneath the skin (seroma), drainage tubes can be left in place and removed with a needle and syringe.

For the first 10 days, it is best to avoid sitting. A booty pillow can help relieve pressure off your buttocks until you feel ready to resume sitting again.

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