Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is to launch a new version of the Apple Watch this fall along with the iPhone 14, and reports suggest that it may include some new features. Among these rumored features are a temperature sensor and a Pro variant tailored for extreme sports. If the rumors about the temperature sensor are true, it will be one of the best health tracking smartwatches available on the market.

The Series 7 did not get any significant improvement from its predecessor except for a larger screen and quick battery charging. However, it is rumored that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will get a temperature sensor and an extreme sports-oriented Pro variant.

Bloomberg reports that the standard Series 8 will not have any significant changes in hardware except for the addition of the temperature sensor. On the other hand, the new Pro variant will be geared towards athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with features like water resistance of 5 ATMs, satellite connectivity, and more robust health tracking features.

Design: Apple Watch Pro or Apple Watch Explorer Edition

The addition of a Pro variant suggests that Apple is targeting a more athletic demographic with this release. The design of the Series 8 is rumored to be larger, with a nearly 2-inch screen, in order to appeal to those who participate in extreme sports and other adventurous outdoor activities.

The display increase means that the watch will have 7% more screen space than the current largest Apple Watch, the Series 7. Additionally, the Series 8 is said to have a bigger battery in order to accommodate the larger screen size. The watch’s exterior is also rumored to be more durable, making it ideal for those constantly on the go.

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Design: Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch 8 might not have a similar design just like the Apple Watch Series 7. However, a new size Apple Watch may be on the cards. A Display Analyst Ross Young also Tweeted that the company would be working on a new size, and mark Gurman from Bloomberg has also had a similar claim. But until Apple announces anything, we won’t know for sure. 

Health Tracking Features

The Series 8 is rumored to have a temperature sensor that helps you with health tracking. Initially, the temperature sensor may not be able to detect fever, but it can recommend you measure the skin temperature using a clinical thermometer. The sensor will be located on the underside of the watch.

Its rival, Fitbit Sense, has a temperature sensor that can detect fever and has been found to be accurate. It also has many other health tracking features of the Apple watch, such as the clinically validated ECG, irregular heart rate alerts, stress level monitoring, etc.

In addition, Apple has patented many other health tracking technologies that may not be included in the Apple Watch Series 8. But future Apple watches may feature these health tracking technologies, such as blood glucose monitoring and blood pressure monitoring.

Currently, the Apple watch cannot measure blood glucose or blood pressure. However, you can be paired with external devices to get these readings. For example, the Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring system can be used with Apple Watch. The QardioArm blood pressure monitor can also be used with an Apple watch to take blood pressure readings.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a Blood Pressure Monitoring feature in addition to other advanced features such as an ECG, blood oxygen level monitoring, stress level monitoring, etc. Apparently, it is too late for Apple to add such features to the upcoming watch to compete with Samsung and Google-owned Fitbit.

Battery Life

Gurman says the watch will have a larger battery that can last a couple of days. There can also be a special battery mode like advanced Garmin watches to extend battery life. The quick charging feature still is there, so you can charge the watch for a few minutes and get a day’s worth of battery life. The current Apple Watches battery lasts for only 18 hours on normal usage, and the battery may die even faster if it uses features like GPS, music, and other tracking features.

If you are an Apple buff, then you have a lot on the table to expect from the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. As we don’t have any official information from the company yet, take all the rumors with a pinch of salt. 

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