Evolution Of Edibles Throughout The Years

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The use of cannabis has been around ever since the early stone ages. It has been utilized in many forms and has varying purposes and effects. Cannabis’ primary use in the modern world is primarily focused on healthcare. It is applied as a treatment for several illnesses like chronic pain and cancer-related symptoms. 

Recreational use of cannabis-influence products is also common nowadays; it reduces anxiety symptoms. Entertainment and social media have also influenced the use of various cannabis-made products in modern times. They have displayed the positive effects of responsible use of these edibles and other related goods. Read more to learn the history and how the use of cannabis evolved across the years. 

Ancient Years 

We can trace back the usage of cannabis to the Neolithic period, wherein they cultured and utilized plant life. This influenced their ability to think, reflected in the artifacts we have discovered and explored. But, the closest edible that can be traced back in time is from Ancient India and Persia. The origin of edibles came from Mahjoun, a combination of herbs and spices formed into a round hash. It is prevalent in India and Persia, but the way it’s utilized is different. 

In Persia, the usage of edibles was for punishment to control additional personnel. This is done due to how concentrated and potent the herbs were. Contrary to this, edibles were consumed as celebratory and recreational in India. They ingest it to relieve stress and experience euphoria. It was also found in the form of beverages where it was being served to casual consumers and fighting warriors. During Medieval times, we can detect the utilization of cannabis by their health workers. It was done to reduce pain and calm the nerves of injured soldiers and warriors.

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The 1800s – 1900s

When the 1800s started, the recreational activity for cannabis-related products began with artists and writers. They took advantage of these hashes’ psychoactive and calming stimulants to aid them in their respective works. In America, hash-based candies were produced and distributed nationwide. It had diverse consumers and was sold at attainable prices. 

As the years went by, information on the usage of cannabis-based goods started to spread. Several cookbooks even featured recipes that involved the use of cannabis. Some films, shows, and songs have also shown or mentioned the intake of edibles and hashes. Jamaica was notable for innovating different cannabis products such as brownies and drinks. Moreover, coffee drinks infused with cannabis were being sold in coffee shops in the Netherlands. It was the globalization of the usage of cannabis goods.

Modern Times

With the rise of different innovative products that have cannabis extract, prohibitions and regulations were mandated to control harmful consumption. These rules were implemented to discourage overuse and encourage responsible production and ingestion. The potential dangers in edibles come from the manufacturers’ production processes and the usage of consumers. Some companies would either utilize cheap alternative sources of cannabis extracts or put misleading amounts of extract in their product. But, positive product advancements also showed its users clearer benefits. 

These edibles can enhance mood, improve endurance, and reduce muscle pain in controlled environments. The typical modern edibles are pills, beverages, brownies, and gummies. Compared to other products, pills and gummies have seen significant developments. Some gummies differ in the concentration of THC extract in it, which dictates how intense its effect are on their user. An example is delta 9 gummies, one of the most notable edibles. This period is primarily about the innovation of edibles and genuinely tapping into its plethora of benefits.

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Cannabis-infused products have been with us for a long time, and we have yet to discover their full potential. We have seen how it influenced us in the past and the present. With further research, we can utilize it better and more efficiently. We must always consider consuming these products responsibly to receive the supposed benefits and avoid adverse health effects.


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