Experience Product Masterclass Review – Does It Really Work?

Experience Product Masterclass

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Best Training Course From Epm That Released Marisa Murgatroyd That Will Help You To Make Super-Sticky Products, Programs and Courses That Hook Your Clients On Taking Action, Getting Results and Buying From You Over & Over Again And Use The Power Of Experience Products To Make At Least $2,000 In The Next Ten Weeks, Guaranteed

Experience Product Masterclass is best training course from epm that released Marisa Murgatroyd that will help you to create super-sticky products, programs & courses that hook your clients on taking action, getting results & buying from you over & over again and use the power of experience products to make at least 52,000 in the next Ten weeks, confirmed.

Experience product masterclass pro is coaching program that created and developed by Marisa Murgatroyd With Eben Pagan, Ryan Levesque, Colin Pal, Todd Brown, Lisa Sasevich, Bill Baren, Jesse Krieger, Matt Mcwilliams, Laura Belgray, Christine Kloser, Steve Olsher, Sharla Jacobs, and more. As already you know, there is a problem in our industry : up to 98% of those who buy train-ing courses never complete them, and never get the results they were promised.

For a long time, i thought, along with many of my peers, that was just the way things were. That was until I began experimenting with creating products in a radically different way – drawing from the worlds of en-tertainment & gaming to work with the brain’s natural motivation and reward system.the re-sult? I was able to flip the industry stats on their head & get 50-97% of my students hyper-en-gaged & into action. Most of them reported that they would become “addicted” to my programs. Since then i have proved the experience formula over & over again in our own work and with our students who’re now teaching programs using this method. We have proven this in lots of in-dustries in lots of countries with lots of types of products. These ideas are hot! And hitting the market at just the right time.

They are tapping into the very real doubts & concerns that vi-sionary entrepreneurs already have about creating “yet another product” that stops them dead in their tracks. Our last release, in november 2017 brought in over 51 million in sales, 37% more than 2016’s release, which was quite a feat, given that almost all releases in the 2nd half of 2017 were down by 40%-. It paid out an astounding 536.40 per opt-in at a 1.65% opt-in to sale. Our top partner earned $49,567 in commissions, plus over 5103k in prizes, over 5152k in total.

This time around, we are planning to beat that by at least 50%, raise the bar on the experience we cre-ate for subscribers, and stack the chips for our partners too (offering over 5300k in cash & prizes with a 5100k prize package for the top winner alone). That is why my friend marisa murga-troyd today released product training that will help problem your business. It’s called experience product masterclass.

What’s The Experience Product Masterclass ?

Throughout the sales process, experience product masterclass presents it’s potential students with a mission to make 52,000 or more from an experience product in 10-weeks or less, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have more impact. In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the perfect market for them, personally, to serve
  • What product to sell to that market
  • The way to message, brand and position their product
  • How to build a series of experiences around the information they are presenting so their stu-dents, clients and customers achieve the result they desired when they invested in their program
  • Five different ways to market & sell their product fast
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And, of course, Experience Product Masterclass is not just about “experiencifying” information, it’s an experience product – which means that you are going to learn the experience formula, while experiencing it for you. (which, as you know, is a good way to learn) plus, as part of the course, you will refer will actually create & sell their experience product, making $2,000 or more from that product within Ten weeks, making the course essentially free for you, and giving you an ac-tual product you can use to build income in the future.

Experience Product Masterclass Review

6 ways experience products will transform your business & 10x your results:

  • Create a powerful tidal wave of momentum & action that makes it possible for your cus-tomers to achieve success more than they ever thought possible.
  • Stack the odds in your favor (and your customers’ favor) so that you can get 50-92% of your customers to complete your products, programs, or courses, get results & buy from you again & again
  • Generate a “ripple effect” of growth in your business called the “power of 1.1” where your clients start selling your products for you, that results in spending less time & money on the marketing treadmill and much more time doing the things you love… so you will sell more while spending less to do so!
  • Become a powerful leader in your marketplace as the vast majority of your students begin to see huge results from your products, programs, and courses, the word will begin to get out.
  • Enjoy repeat buyers, giving you more consistent, predictable revenue. They will become hooked on you & your products, wanting to buy more & more from you, creating what i call the business growth trifecta of more people investing more money with you more often.
  • Start loving your business more & more because you are having a bigger impact, with SO-9296 of your students actually taking action & achieving results.

Experience Product Masterclass Review – Package Modules

Over Ten weeks, we are going to do this thing together! Here is what we will be implementing as we go :

Module#1: Your Lightbulb Moment This module will be waiting for you in your members area when you join so that you can jump in right away. In module 1, we will focus on:

Selecting your product so it becomes the most lucrative offer you can make at this particular time in your business, the product that will enable you to make the greatest impact while delivering you the highest profits in the simplest way possible.

Creating your own personalized “idea to market blueprint” so that you know exactly which steps you will need to take & when to take them. Not knowing the right ac-tions is a big reason people procrastinate & take months to make even simple progress.

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Two marketing methods that are vital for you to understand as you create the foundation for your product. Both will prevent you from spending a lot of time work-ing on something people do not really want to buy, and help you hone in with cer-tainty on the right product for you to create around what they actually want & need to achieve the result they most desire.

Module#2: Nailing Your Offer Once you select the type of product you want to create, it does not matter how good your product is if you cannot get people to buy! That is why we start with creating the strongest marketing message & positioning possible before you even create your product. Quite simply, how can you make your product irresistible so people can not help but say yes? In this module, we will work to:

Develop the aspects of your offer that are proven to get more & more people to say yes, like bonuses, social proof & real urgency.

Craft a compelling future self, 1-sentence product mission, and product origin story.

Workshop your visual brand so you can stand out, grab attention & exude author-ity & credibility from the second people land on your page.

Plug into our experience product naming templates to bust out your blockbuster product name.

Module 3 : Crafting The Perfect Experience This module is focused on the anti-perfectionist “earn while you learn” method of product creation… so you do not have to create a lot of videos, pdfs, & other assets right off the bat (unless you want to). In this module:

Discover Twelve different “rapid product creation” strategies… so that you can select the ones that work best for your business, your offer, and your style. Using these, you should be able to complete the blueprint for your experience products in less than 14 days.

Learn to collaborate with your clients, students & clients during the process. You will know what they do not understand, what they struggle with, and what is not working for them because they will tell you so, which means you are guaran-teed to end up with the best product for them, not the product you think is best for them.

Create your experience escalation plan, that’s where we integrate the 10 core experi-ences into your product. We will create your big picture outline for the way to draw your clients and students into your experience product in the right way.

Module#4 : Experience Marketing Essentials This is when you rock out your first experience marketing campaign designed to fill your experience product, program, course or 1-on-1 coaching, consulting or service offer. In this module, we will cover:

The Six main experience marketing campaigns that are proven to work for a wide range of business models & industries. (note: 4 of these will cost you nothing to implement, so you won’t need to spend a ton of money on advertising.)

How to pick the right marketing campaign (or campaigns) for your business model & stage of business. And when you get it rolling, how to operate the power of 1.1, where your clients start selling your products for you, to do less marketing and still grow your business.

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Why “experience marketing” helps you stand out in a powerful, unique, fun, fresh and engaging way to your ideal clients, which is more than half the battle in today’s noisy market place.

Our suggestions, templates, and scripts… basically all you need for a com-plete and unique-to-you experience marketing campaign made to bring you all the customers you can handle.

Module 5: Deliver The Wow In this module, we will cover:

The way to deliver an incredible experience product that keeps your clients en-gaged and getting results.

The key elements to creating the “warm snuggy blanket” that makes your experience product such a great experience, creating a mass of raving fans who’ll achieve in-credible results.

The way to create an experience that engages all your students, customers and clients immediately and keeps as many of them as possible until the end of your program maximizing the chances of their success, and repeat purchases.

Experience Product Masterclass Review – What You Get

  • The experience product masterclass: (value $1,997)
  • Module 1 – your light bulb moment
  • Module 2 – nailing your offer
  • Module 3 – crafting the perfect experience
  • Module 4 – experience marketing essentials
  • Module 5 – deliver the wow
  • Ten 90-minute live group laser coaching calls with me personally ($7,500 value)
  • Ten 90-minute implementation calls with don “get-it-done” crowther (55,000 value)
  • Access to your own experience product success coach, including limitless e-mail access and ten 90-minute “open office” calls (55,000 value)
  • All that adds up to a massive Forty two hours of live group coaching support. Take as much or as little as you need!

Experience Product Masterclass Review – You will also receive these bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: niche down, profits up (5497 value)
  • Bonus #2: “sales for superheroes” (5997 value) ¦ Bonus #3: the epm marketing & tech pack (52,056 value)
  • Bonus #4: two 3-hour laser coachathons with marisa (54,500 value)
  • Bonus #5: one complimentary ticket to message to money live (5997 value)
  • Graduation bonus:
  • Life time license to use the experience product trademark (51,000.ryear value)
  • Mission accomplished bonus:
  • Speak! The way you use talks and webinars to grow your business (5997 value)

Experience Product Masterclass Review – Who Is This For

The experience product masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to leverage their time by cre-ating products, programs or courses. It is also for existing product makers who want to get bet-ter results for their students, clients and customers. While the focus is on leveraged 1:few or 1 :many products, we also teach entrepreneurs the way to apply this to 1:1 work and we encourage newbies to start 1:1 before going to 1:few or 1:many – so newbies, coaches, consultants & ser-vice providers can also benefit. The experience product masterclass is especially appealing to in-dividuals in the online marketing & personal development niches, though the principles and system it teaches works in all niches. Our students have created experience productse and ser-vices in dozens of markets, such as reiki, publishing, all kinds of coaching & consulting, educa-tion, careers, online, local and traditional marketing, health and wellness, personal productivity, spirituality, rela-tionships, sex, design, art, and non-profits, generating tens of thousands of cus-tomers & millions of dollars in sales.

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