Felony-Friendly Apartments

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Many ex-convicts rejoice about their release. However, their celebrations are soon cut short by reality. The truth, which is hard to swallow, is that people who have been released from jail have a hard time finding a place to stay. Most end up living with their friends and relatives which is something they are not always happy about. What if this doesn’t have to be the case?

Thanks to kind-hearted landlords and organizations, people with criminal records can now find a place to stay and go about their businesses normally without stigmatization. Today, it is possible to find felony-friendly apartment in lake city or wherever you are in the United States.

 Moreover, you can do this without going through the strict screening process that most people are subjected to. Below are some tips for getting felon-friendly apartments.

Look for individual landlords Who Offer Felony Friendly Apartments

Approaching an individual landlord is the best step an ex-convict can take. Swallowing your pride and having an honest conversation with an apartment owner about your previous dark life can go a long way toward finding you decent living space.

As much as many landlords make it their business to look into someone’s past, not all of them do that. The reason they do that is to find out your credit score to ensure that you will not engage them in a cat-and-mouse game when it comes to paying rent. Landlords also run background checks to protect other tenants from people who cause trouble and disturb the peace in their apartments.

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Ex-cons who want to find felony-friendly apartments should be honest about their past life. They must be willing to show apartment owners that they have changed and are no longer a nuisance to society. Taking your time to have an honest conversation with an apartment owner about your commitment to a crime-free life will help you get an apartment faster than you think.

Have a character witness

Having someone to vouch for you will help you secure an apartment as an ex-convict. Look for an upstanding member of society who is looked up to by society to put in a good word for you. A good character witness can be your pastor, mentor, probation officer, or community leader. Trust is earned and the only way to gain the trust of a landlord is by having a credible person to vouch for you.

Write personal letters

Unlike many people who intend to rent a place to stay, do not go through the normal house-hunting procedure to secure a felony-friendly apartment in San Antonio. Instead, be unique and use other means such as writing formal letters to landlords seeking to rent a living space.

Writing letters to landlords is a personalized method of showing your sincerity. By writing letters to landlords, you show that you are serious and your intentions are good. In your letter(s), make it clear that you have a criminal record.

Ensure that you find ways to prove that you have changed by outlining how you intend to make an honest living and become an outstanding member of society. Hand-written letters may seem unnecessary. However, they go a long way in ensuring that you find felony-friendly apartments from people who will not judge you.

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