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Find Devialet Online in India at Ooberpad - Brand on a Mission
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Devialet is an acoustical engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting-edge technology. By coupling unrivaled sound quality with a sleek and modern design, Devialet’s world-class engineers set a high standard for innovation and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio engineering.

Devialet is on a mission. Bring sound back to where it belongs in people’s lives through memorable audio experiences. 

How was Devialet born? A word on its global presence

Devialet was born of the meeting of three iconoclasts: Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, engineer; Emmanuel Nardin, designer; and Quentin Sannié, entrepreneur. 

These founders shared a common belief in the fundamental role that sound plays in our daily lives: music, but also the voices that link us to others, and the silence that connects us to our inner selves. 

Since its founding, Devialet has strived to elevate sound to its rightful place in our lives. And matched this ambition with exceptional industrial resources and talent.

The company and the ensemble of talent that have joined it since 2007 have seen swift success. Since naming Franck Lebouchard CEO, Devialet has not only developed its expertise in scaling and distribution but also honed its cultural clout. 

The company is now present in nearly 70 countries and generates more than 65% of its revenue internationally, rising to the challenge of becoming an undisputed leader in acoustics, soon covering all moments of our lives.

The foundation of Devialet’s success is a series of radical patented innovations that are embedded in every Devialet product: Expert Pro amplifiers, Phantom speakers, Devialet Gemini true wireless earbuds, Devialet Dione soundbar, and Devialet Mania portable speakers. 

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Devialet’s Exciting Range of Products

Devialet offers premium products that are both eye-catching and deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Their range of products includes:

Speakers: You can experience the most superior audio excellence with Devialet’s impressive line-up of speakers that include Phantom I, Phantom II, and Phantom Home Cinema.

Highly intuitive and connectable, the Phantom I speaker unleashes the physical impact of high-end, ultra-dense sound with more power, clarity, and precision than any other wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life Phantom II: the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever the volume.

Devialet Phantom Home theatre breathes versatility. Boasting several configuration options featuring various combinations of Devialet Phantom I and Phantom II speakers, Devialet Phantom Theater lets you maximize the acoustic potential of your space. Enjoy a full entertainment experience, from Stereo audio to multichannel audio listening, immersive gaming, and home cinema.

Portable Speakers: Create memorable experiences with Devialet’s portable speakers, including the versatile Devialet Mania. The range also boasts of the carrying case, charging dock, Devialet Care, which is an extended warranty for your Devialet Mania speaker, and video tutorials that are designed to guide you through setup seamlessly to help you get started with Devialet Mania right away.

Soundbars: Enjoy immersive sound with sound bars from Devialet. Soundbars include the power-packed Devialet Dione. It is Devialet’s acoustic engineering applied to home cinema: a high-end, all-in-one Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 soundbar that elevates all contents on your television.

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Amplifiers: Amplifiers include Expert Pro, Upgrade Expert Pro, and Expert Pro Configurator.

Expert Pro is the world’s most advanced audiophile system, meant for music lovers in search of a refined and emotional listening experience. Designed to replace traditional Hi-Fi systems, Expert Pro delivers all the core elements of playback – preamp, amp, DAC, streamer, and phono stage – in a single and ultra-compact unit.

With an entirely new hardware platform delivering improvements at every stage of the signal path and dramatic optimization of its overall operation, the Upgrade Expert Pro offers increased power and improved performance at all power levels for a listening experience that is both more muscular and more transparent.

The Expert Pro Configurator allows you to endlessly tailor your Expert Pro settings to meet your every audiophile requirement.

Earbuds: You can now enjoy Devialet’s truly stellar sound experience on the go with Devialet’s Gemini. 

Devialet Gemini’s Active Noise Cancellation mode continually removes background noise, giving you the space you need to focus on what you are doing, whether it’s listening, working, or talking.

Devialet goes beyond its elegant and iconic appearance.

Their products offer a sound that truly surpasses expectations.

Their products feature a series of radical patented technologies. Each product raises the benchmark for what we might expect – be it a loudspeaker, soundbar or wireless earbuds. 

Real-time acoustic mapping technology allows speakers to automatically adjust audio rendering to fit their surroundings. 

 Devialet offers a listening experience that leaves a lasting impression and impresses with its signature looks.

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