Five best Skyblock servers for Minecraft
Five best Skyblock servers for Minecraft

Five best Skyblock servers for Minecraft

Sky block is one of the best survival maps in Minecraft, where players are challenged to build an island and live. This map aims to survive without cheating, grow food, and expand the island. Skybocks are excellent, especially skyblock v4 on java. The Skyblock Servers games are among the most popular games, and it has various fresh and cool gameplay features. Here, some best skyblock servers are explained, used by thousands of players.

1. Cosmic sky IP: Cosmicsky.com

This server offers vast experience in different skyblock, and the most important thing is that this server is not suited to everyone, especially those looking for a classic experience. But those players are fully skilled and looking for an excellent, fresh and exciting experience; then cosmic sky server is perfect. Moreover, in the cosmic sky server, non-typical features have with the server, such as island minions and island challenges and some gambling features.

2. PvPwars IP: play.pvpwars.net

It is one of the popular skyblock servers, and players enjoy it. When players are playing skyblock on the PvPwars network, they try to accept all kinds of features for fun and enjoy more. Some features are unique, like island spawners, mob coin features, etc. moreover, the PvPwars server also offers money to the player at the end of the month according to the player’s performance. 

3. Hypixel IP:hypixel.net

Most of the layer gives first preference to play on the hypixel server because this is one of the best online servers. Thousands of players are online on hypixel at all times of the day. Furthermore, this server is economically significant, and the player can make money by completing quests, farming on islands, fighting boss bottles and many more.

4. Extremecraft IP: extremecraft.net

This is a fantastic server, and it offers several games, and the quality of the server is quite good.

Extremecraft has unique additions and modifications, especially to enjoy the game by players, and they have a great experience with the extreme craft. Some features have a server-wide auction system, vote parties, PvP events and island teams.


MOX MC is an example of a skyblock server, and this the perfect for players because it is a familiar and straightforward gaming style. In addition, this is easy to learn and play. In the Minecraft server, players can start a shop, build a casino, and start from faring or anything else according to their choice in the game. The most exciting thing is that players do not need complex gameplay requirements and tutorials.



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