Floods kill 395 in South Africa

Floods kill 395 in South Africa
Floods kill 395 in South Africa

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least 395 people on the coast of South Africa’s east coast. Rescuers are working to find the missing.

AFP quoted the regional head of the country’s disaster management ministry, Saifo Hlomouker, as saying on Friday. He said the death toll is rising sadly. The latest death toll is 395.

At least 41,000 people have been affected by the unprecedented floods. At least 55 people have been reported missing in KwaZulu-Natal province. Rescuers are conducting a vigorous operation to rescue the missing.

It has been raining continuously in the area since last Monday. Roads and bridges have been washed away by the floods caused by the rains. Many residents of the city are without water and electricity. Rescuers are struggling to reach them with cooperation.

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Marine weather has a wide range of effects on the southeastern coast of South Africa. At different times there are natural disasters. Scientists blame global warming. That, they say, is why the weather in the region is deteriorating.

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