Foodeterian on completing its six months of operations

Foodeterian on completing its six months of operations
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Image Credit/Source: Foodeterian (Founding Team)

Foodeterian started its operations in February 2018 as “Foodeterian Online Services LLP”. It was six months ago. We were on our bikes all night, ensuring that first thing in the morning, people see is our fliers with newspapers. Many things have changed since then but we are still focused on our vision.


” We came up with the idea after a lot of research. We all were working in different big organizations at that time. Money was good but there was always something missing. We wanted to provide employment and bring some value to the urban population of tier-2 cities as we are sure that these cities will decide the future of Indian economy. Online food delivery is a new concept in these cities and has a great potential. We wanted to bring the same experience as of metro cities to these cities. We faced many challenges in our journey so far and all have just made us more sincere and more confident”, says The Founding Team of Foodeterian.


Foodeterian is an online restaurant aggregator like Swiggy and Zomato. We provide business opportunities to restaurants through listing them on our platform. People selects the restaurants around them from Foodeterian mobile app or foodeterian website and places their order. We negotiate with restaurants on behalf of the customers and bring deals to them.

Our core team consists of Four members : 

  1. Amit Kumar is the CEO of the company and handles converting leads into deals and heads the marketing and ties which is very important to grow. Prior Foodeterian, Amit has worked for big brands like PnG and Pirelli Tyres.
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  1. Pritish Patnaik is our HR Admin and a co-founder. Prior Foodeterian, he worked in administration in a firm related to national security division.


  1. Bhanu Ranjan is our co-founder and handles everything related to delivery and order management. His role is one of the most crucial one for us as he is managing the actual ground level work.


  1. Chandra Shekhar Satti is our co-founder and Head of Strategy at Foodeterian. Prior Foodeterian he was working in Accenture as an IT Analyst and worked for clients in high Performance Utilities.


Foodeterian on completing its six months of operations

Image Credit/Source: Foodeterian 

Our team has gone through many changes since inception, many new people joined Foodeterian and some departed as well but all have contributed on their level best. We are very glad that people trusted in us.

We won’t say that it was an easy journey. Entrepreneurship is not all goods and all happy times. For sure there are successes which are visible to people but behind each success, there are thousand tiny efforts and tons of failures. I’d like to thank everyone who supported us in any way. To all budding entrepreneurs, I’d say, never quit. Persistence is the key to success in a market where big players with large pockets try to crush you.


We haven’t raised any funding so far and we are more focused to make our business more sustainable. We are looking for funding as well and we are in contacts with some investors who have shown interest in funding us.


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“Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it seems. It’s a challenge and an opportunity for the overall growth of your personality and your skills. It is a tough test and persistence is the key to success in this test. We faced many difficulties and many hard times and the only way we emerged above all hurdles is by going through them, by not quitting”, Says the Team Foodeterian. 


Foodeterian on completing its six months of operations

You can visit us on our website: or download our app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Additionally you can like our facebook page for offers at

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