Founder Profile: Kanin Asva Pursues New Challenges to Overcome

NEW YORK – Founder of ROBUST, Kanin Asvaplungprohm (‘Asva’), has never shied away from a fight. Priding himself on never giving up, the young founder has accomplished much in his short life. A serial entrepreneur, his indomitable will has proven incredibly useful in the venture capital sphere. Since he entered the space as the founder of ROBUST, Kanin has devoted a deep commitment to his firm, utilizing a solid drive with deep cultural ties to conquer industries.

Personal Background

Described in his youth as a bookish and quiet child, Kanin Asva was born into a family of entrepreneurs and was taught the value of determination from a young age. Suffering emotional trauma from almost drowning as a child, the event later taught Kanin valuable lessons in self-determination and emotional resilience. 

Having to undertake three months of rehab following the accident, Kanin refers to this as the genesis of his longstanding personal quality to never give up.

Growing up swimming competitively, Kanin was encouraged by his mother to return to the water and overcome his fear. Leading in the upper echelon of his group, he refused to stop at competitive swimming and trained to scuba dive, going on to earn PADI Certification. Since then, Kanin has shown the resolve to dive head-on into the waters, capable of meeting that depth with the calmness and mental fortitude needed to stay afloat.

After his 18th birthday, Kanin moved to the US to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Considering himself to be a global citizen, he made connections in the country relatively easily.

Education and Early Career

Kanin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego. Later, he earned his Master’s Degree in Financial Analysis, summa cum laude, from the University of San Francisco. While serving as a Principal at Dynafolio, Kanin gathered all the experience he could at the small-cap private equity firm. Through affording suffering businesses avenues to successful financial recovery, Kanin’s relied on his strong determination never to give up, finding creative solutions to crippling problems.

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Informed by a wealth of experience serving clients at Dynafolio, Kanin then worked with Marwin Technologies in risk management. A premier provider of Agricultural and Meteorological technology solutions in Thailand, his time with Marwin provided a greater understanding of the Southeast Asian market. After working with Bangkok Bank and Econ One Research, Kanin became Venture Partner at fintech-focused fund Oyster Ventures shortly before finding his own success with ROBUST.

Breaking New Ground with ROBUST

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Southeast Asia and North America-based, but globally-backed, Kanin describes ROBUST as a firm borderless in its approach and agnostic to any particular industry. 

Instead, Kanin has chosen to lead ROBUST with the same boldness and fearlessness he had spent his life developing, vouching to support businesses that distinguish themselves as true innovators who desire to push the boundaries and disrupt the status quo. As he builds ROBUST’s portfolio, Kanin has supported various ventures, including those on the cutting edge of technology and biomedical research.

As the tides grow and crash with greater ferocity, Kanin meets this force head-on. Supporting ventures like Offsight, a construction SAAS, and Symbiome, a trailblazer in the life sciences industry, he has an incisive approach to venture capitalism that’s more about working smart than working big. Taking on every new challenge with a positive attitude, the young entrepreneur shows no signs of slowing down as he expands ROBUST’s impressive portfolio.Learn more about ROBUST founder Kanin Asva by following him on social media, @GemKanin on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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