Free Video Splitter Tools
This post will give you detailed information about 5 good free video splitter software for Windows users, you can compare them and choose one tool you like best to split videos easily.

How to Split Video: [2021]

This post was most recently updated on May 27th, 2021

Video creators often need a relatively long time to do post-production, because editing videos is a time-consuming job, they will need enough time, skill, and patience to refine the videos and audio files. Take trimming a large video as an example, it will cost you a lot of time. Fortunately, that can be simple if you find a good, professional-level digital video splitter.

What is the best, easy-to-use digital video splitter software for Windows users? Can I split the video without losing the quality? This post will share five video splitters for you to split the video easily. 

Top Five Free Video Splitter Tools

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is an easy-to-use desktop video editing software that can work as video splitter software. You can quickly split videos and combine videos without any watermark. Besides, you will also find many advanced editing features and take your videos to the next level.

This Free Video Splitter Offers These Useful Features that You will Need

  • It is a free video trimmer and video joiner software on the Windows platform.
  • The software has many free video templates to help you create holiday videos, travel videos, etc conveniently.
  • You can use the free background music in the audio templates.
  • It comes with many different video transitions, visual filters, and subtitle fonts, and so on.
  • You could make a video or a slideshow with some pictures and background music.
  • It helps you to change video resolution and convert the video to MP4, MKV, MPEG, AVI, convert video to MP3, or other formats.
  • Using the inbuilt speed controller of MiniTool MovieMaker, you can speed up your video, slow it down, or reverse the video.

How to Cut/Split Videos with MiniTool MovieMaker?

Step1. Download and Install MiniTool free video splitter.

Download MiniTool MovieMaker (Windows 10/8/7 compatible), install it, and launch the program.

Step 2. Import some video files into the software


The interface of MiniTool video splitter tool looks like this (see picture below).

To import the files that you want to split, please click the light gray Import Media Files button. When the files are imported successfully, you can find your files in My Album, then drag and drop them into the timeline.

Step 3. Get Started to Split the video.

Option 1. Quickly split your file in the video track

Play the video in the playback windows, stop it where you want to split. Shortly, you can see a scissors icon appears on the timeline. Tap that icon, your video is split into two clips.


Option 2: You can split the video frame by frame -precise splitting

First, select the video in the timeline, click the scissors icon on the toolbar, and choose Full Split. That will open the SPLIT/TRIM window immediately.

Second, play the video, and stop it where you want to split.

Third, click the scissors icon and hit the OK button to confirm.


Step 4. Save the videos on your computer.

This is the last step. Please click the Export button on the upper side of the software to save the new videos. Here you can choose other video and audio formats that you need, for example, WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, WEBM, MKV, TS, and MP3.


  • This free video editor is free to use and has no watermark.
  • MiniTool MovieMaker can split both videos and audio files.
  • Offers many other useful video editing features.
  • Will finely split video and trim video to remove the unwanted content.


The Mac version is not released yet.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft lets you produce videos as well as publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr. This video editor also can assist you in splitting the videos.

How to Split Video in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker?

Step 1. Download this Windows Movie Maker on your Windows Me, Windows XP, or Windows Vista computer.

Step 2. Click the Add videos and photos button to import some videos from your PC to this free video cutter program.


Step 3. Drag the Vertical Line to the correct position, then click Video Tools > Edit > Split. At last, save the video.


The software is easy to understand for both novice and veteran users.


  • The software may crash for unknown reasons because the developer stops the product updating services.

Windows Photos

If you are using the latest Windows 10, you can use the hidden Photos app to split or trim the video. This tool is easy to use, and it works similarly to Windows Movie Maker. 

Follow the tutorial to split videos with Windows 10 Photos app.

Launch this free video splitter software for Windows 10 computer, click New video and give it a new name. Click the + Add button to import a video into the software, when that is done, drag and drop that file to the timeline.

Select your video and click the Split button, which is beneath the preview window.

Move the lollipop-shaped position icon to the point where you want the video to be cut, then click Done.


Finally, click Finish video to save the new short videos to your computer.


  • Windows 10 Photos App has an intuitive interface.
  • You can also use the photo browsing and searching features.
  • The app will automatically create albums.


The video trimmer software lacks some advanced features to make your videos look more fascinating. For example, it cannot add visual transitions to the video.


As a famous free media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project, VLC can help you split the video into several parts. You can use it as an MP4 video splitter.



  • VLC can split/trim/cut both videos and audio files.
  • VLC can support almost any kind of multimedia file, with no codec packs needed.


  • It does not offer the option for precise cuts.
  • The splitting process is not fast. 
  • The VLC interface looks somewhat complicated for the less tech-savvy users.
  • You can only find limited video editing features in the VLC media player.

Format Factory

Format Factory is a multimedia converter that also includes some basic video editing functionality. You can use this freeware to extract multiple video parts from a big video file.

To split a video, you only need to click an output format in the sidebar, click Add File → load the video → click Operation → set the Start Time and End Time to where you want to split, finally, click OK to begin cutting the video.


  • It can batch convert multimedia files to save your time.
  • The software also has a mobile version that you can use on portable devices.
  • It allows you to rip the DVDs to video, and to rip music CD to audio file.


  • It only has limited video editing features.
  • It requires over 150 MB of free space to install Format Factory to PC, and more free space is needed if you want to split/merge large videos.



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