Get Familiar With Table Tennis Robot Features To Determine If It Is Worth Investing

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In this advanced technology, it is no surprise that robots help to sharpen your table tennis shots. Read ping pong table reviews on the Tabletennistop website to find out what people share and how their receiving, spinning, and stroking skills enhanced practicing with robots. 

If you are wondering if the price tag is worth the cost or should you invest in a tennis table robot. It depends….if you have a company with better skills than yours for practicing then it is better not to buy a table tennis robot. 

If you desire to determine whether it is worthy to invest in tabletop robots, then check their features.

Depending on the robot’s quality and price it has some or all the features mentioned below. The price ranges from $150 – $2000, so the differences can be huge. 


The table tennis robots shoot balls to a player, so they can stroke. Based on the model, players can decide whether to strike in a single direction or make it more fun by choosing the change direction option. 


One model differs from another in terms of capacity. It means if the capacity of the robot is 30 balls then it will shoot 30 balls. You will then gather those balls and reload them to play again. It means the more expensive the model, the more ball holding capacity. Some models even have an autoloading feature. It has a net behind the robot, when you play a stroke the ball finds its way in the net and the robot reloads itself. 

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Spin types

The robot with the lowest price may not have a spin feature but better models have this option. Advanced robots offer backspin, topspin, and side spin options. Some robots combine spins, which offers a real challenge. It means the more spin options, the more versatile practice sessions player can have. 


Adaptability is overlooked when choosing a table tennis robot. It is where you can plan the table tennis drill session. You can change ball frequency like 40 balls per minute, while some robots do 100 balls per minute. It even means various ball speeds. Some robots even have an app to monitor your progress. Thus allowing you to identify your vulnerabilities and work on them.

For example, ball control is a problem. If you find this an issue because of the all-around playing style, then look for the best table tennis rubbers for control on 

Remote type

Cord and wireless robots are available. Today, people generally choose wireless ones for convenience. They can change settings from where they are standing to make their practice drills fun and efficient. 

Cord or battery-powered

Battery-powered offers flexibility. It is portable but needs to be charged and the frequency and speed of shooting balls are less than cord-powered robots. The choice depends on the question – is portability more necessary than power?

Size & storage

Size is the thing to consider before the prize. The robot has to be easily movable and stored. 

Table tennis robots are the best trainer, especially when you want to practice in the middle of the night. Watch the videos on to learn how to play with robots? On their blog page, you gain detailed information about everything associated with table tennis. 

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