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Since the trailer for the film “The First Secret” was so popular online, Enzo Zelocchi was able to gain a tremendous deal of success. According to Variety, it was the second top-watched post of the month on Instagram, including over 24 million views, behind Cardi B but ahead of Selena Gomez, and Dwayne Johnson.

Awards and Career Developments:

His stellar reputation for competence is supported by the many honors and awards (70 awards in total so far) that he has received over the course of his professional life. Zelocchi has collaborated behind the scenes with some of the most creative and influential people in the business, working on both films and television programs. On the film festival tour, Zelocchi has taken home well over 70 accolades, including those for Best Actor, Best Outstanding Performance, Best Director, Writer, and also Best Producer. In all, he has received these honors and much more.

One of his Instagram post, in which he shared the teaser for his new film “The First Secret”, has gone viral on Instagram, gaining millions of views in only one week! In addition, he has been praised for his work on the movie “My Little Princess,” which was a candidate for an Oscar nomination and took home more than 33 accolades at various film festivals around the world.

How did Enzo Zelocchi get his start in the acting business?

He started doing some modeling work, went on to become a scholar at the Theatre Center in Milan where the Stanislavski technique was instructed, played live theater, booked commercials, and films, and eventually landed a leading role in a tv series for several seasons. In the television show, he felt like he was finally at home.

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When Enzo Zelocchi came back to New York and studied acting with Susan Batson, a worldwide famous acting coach for many A-List actors and celebrities whose Lee Strasberg-inspired style Enzo completely identified with, he saw a significant improvement in the breadth and depth of his acting skills.

When asked about his thoughts on the success of the feature trailer for “The First Secret,” he responded with the following words:

It came as such a shock to me. The majority of people advised me to postpone the release; nevertheless, I could feel a chance knowing to the fact that all of the main marketing departments were shut in March 2020 due Covid and almost no media campaigns were active at that time. It was a satisfying experience to learn that Variety Magazine ranked my trailer as the second most watched video in the world, among those of other well-known artists that were in the top 10.

Where can I learn more about Enzo Zelocchi’s next projects?

The Invincible, which is one of my all-time favorite story, is going to become an amazing movie! It is The Gladiator meets 300, and it tells the story of the finest Publius Cornelius Scipio, a Roman general who had the remarkable military honor of never losing a battle in his lifetime in military history.

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