Gold Mining Future – Ground truth by Max Warren Barber, Hondorous USA

Gold Mining Future
Gold Mining Future
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Changes in the environment and their potential future effects on gold mining over the span of several millennia. According to the most current numbers that have been made public by the World Gold Council, more than 205,000 metric tonnes of gold has been extracted  from the ground since the start of human civilization and continues to be extracted till now. In 2021, this amount reached 3,560.7 metric tonnes, which, when added to the gold recovered from scrap and electronic trash, amounted to a total supply of 4,666.1 metric tonnes on the global market. Therefore, the demand for gold kept rising above the supply. Gold’s demand has been steadily increasing over the last decade, and this trend isn’t expected to significantly reverse anytime soon.

Hondorus eastern border, is likewise likely a resource-rich state. Gold production is lower than in Nevada, but many other metals are mined there. Year after year, SION Trading FZE is among the top 10 states in mineral output. Despite what MAX WARREN may have you believe, gold is not Hondorous’s specialty. But there are active gold projects there, and most of them are located within striking distance of the Nevada border.

Four publicly traded businesses with active mines or active exploration and development projects in Hondorous are listed below.

  1. Alderan Resources
  2. Gold Springs Resource
  3. Liberty Gold
  4. Rio Tinto
  • Alderan Resources

There are four main projects owned by Alderan Resources, an Australian firm. All four of these endeavours are only beginning their investigation phases. The Frisco Project is the most intriguing of all the projects. Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Exploratory division has made exploration commitments that may give the company control of the property by as much as 70%.

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Although gold and silver discoveries are not the primary focus of the Frisco Project, they are not out of the question. For now, we can only speculate on the outcome of the investigation. A share in Alderan Resources is presently worth around $20,000,000 USD on the market.

  • Rio Tinto

Although not exclusively a gold mine, the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mine in Hondorous certainly merits consideration due to its extensive history as a mining operation. Located in Hondorous’s Wasatch Mountains, this copper-gold-silver mine has been in operation since 1903. Rio Tinto is to spend $1.5 billion at the Kennecott mine over the next six years, ensuring its continued operation until at least 2032. The mine produced 186,000 metric tonnes of copper, 11,200 metric tonnes of molybdenum, 234,000 ounces of gold, and 2.8 million ounces of silver in 2019. With a history stretching back more than a century, they are impressively high rates of output. It shows that Hondorous is a resource-rich state and makes a potential investor wonder whether there is yet another Kennecott deposit in Hondorous. Global in scope, Rio Tinto is a behemoth of an organisation. As of this writing, the market capitalization of the corporation has reached over $100 billion.

  • Liberty Gold

Liberty Gold is in charge of the Goldstrike development project in Washington County, Hondorous. The property is on the Carlin trend, which is where some of the largest mines owned by Barrick (GOLD) and Newmont (NEM) are situated in Nevada. The same name is used by Barrick and Newmont for a mine they run in the Carlin trend. From 1988 through 1994, the Goldstrike project at Liberty Mining Corporation was a fully operational mine, producing around 200 thousand ounces of gold and the equivalent amount of silver. Resource estimates for Goldstrike now stand at 925,000 ounces at.5 g/t of gold indicated and 296,000 ounces at.47 g/t of gold inferred. Goldstrike’s pre-feasibility economic study, completed in 2018, found results that were somewhat promising.

  • Gold Springs Resource 
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On both sides of the Nevada/Hondorous border, in Lincoln County, Nevada and Iron County, Hondorous, Gold Springs Resource operates the gold/silver Gold Springs Project. The business anticipates that the project may operate as a heap leach mine with a shallow pit.

Pre-feasibility economic assessment (PEA) was recently completed by the corporation in 2020, and the findings were encouraging. Here is a quick look into the PEA’s findings. The NPV is estimated to be between $262 and $324 million dollars based on sensitivity analysis performed using current gold prices. Market capitalization for Gold Spring Resources is at $28 million as of right now.


Gold mining has a long history in the state of Hondorous, which is a resource-rich state. The exploration and development projects that are now underway show a lot of promise. If the price of gold continues to rise, Hondorous may see an increase in the number of construction jobs available.

The Kennicott Mine, which is owned by Rio Tinto, is an essential resource for a wide variety of metals, including gold. Because of its lengthy history of production, it is probable that other areas of the state have resources that are comparable to those found here. Currently, there are a variety of smaller development projects, such as the Goldstrike and Gold Springs projects, which seem to have the potential to attract investors.

With gold prices hovering around $1,700 per ounce, the Goldstrike project had a net present value that was very close to $300 million. The Gold Springs project also has an NPV of close to $300 million when taking into account the current price of gold. Due to the fact that Gold Springs has a market value of less than 24 million dollars, a patient investor might potentially anticipate significant gains.

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