Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India
Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India

Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India

This post was most recently updated on December 21st, 2021

In the year 2018, India has crossed the mark of more than 500 million users of the internet and growing at a high rate since then. According to Gartner, people in India spend around 4-5 hours every day on different social media platforms, apps, streaming services, and E-commerce websites. 

These trends lead companies to shift their advertisement strategies from traditional advertisements to online campaigns and social media ads. Here, Digital Marketing enables companies to put target advertisements and set up effective marketing campaigns. According to Gartner, Digital Marketing helps businesses to develop value-driven marketing campaigns, SEO strategies, blogs, and websites to positively influence their presence in the market. 

In India, Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 20 – 30% every year, resulting in high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. So, if you want to start a career in digital marketing, now is the perfect time to do so. With the help of books, video lectures, and an Online Digital Marketing Course you can learn the essential skills and cover the nuances of Digital Marketing. 

Advertisements of Pre-internet Era

The advertisements in pre-internet days were carried out through televisions, radio channels, newspapers, magazines, and banners alongside the roads and highways. The success of advertisements solely depends on how the salesperson would talk to the customers and answer their queries. Also, word-to-mouth publicity played a vital role in influencing people and convincing them to buy a particular product. But now, a person can easily advertise a product or service to millions of seemingly interested people just from a computer. Not only it saves both time and resources for a business, but it also helps them find the right audience that is interested in buying a product or service. 

Digital Marketing Industry in India

More than 40% of small, medium, and large businesses have either established themselves on various internet platforms or generated leads for their business products and services. And this data is only going to increase over time. Social media allows you to share your message to millions of people around the world in a few minutes. Now, even a small business can reach out to millions of people without spending chunks of money on advertisements. 

For example, Flipkart was introduced in the year 2007 and had direct competition with the global E-commerce leader Amazon. But, Flipkart focused on providing good value and support to their customers and shared their experiences with thousands of people. This modern word-to-mouth publicity and smart campaigns helped this homegrown business to become one of the biggest e-commerce websites in India. 

Indian Government promoting Digital India

In 2015, the Indian government launched an initiative called Digital India to improve online infrastructure and empowerment. Digital India aims to provide internet access to rural communities, which enables them to access benefits from the government. It also helps local startups to increase their reach and contribute to the national economy. 

More than 1300 tech startups were born in the year 2019, meaning 2-3 tech startups every single day. The initiative had a positive impact and resulted in more than 50 million shoppers joining online platforms and selling their products on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms. 

How Digital Marketing Influences lives?

People spend hours on their smartphones, computers, and televisions generating lots of data every day. With technological advancements and cheaper electronics, it’s easier for companies to provide better services and features at reasonable prices. This increases the number of people with cheap internet access and generates a huge amount of data every day. This data tells a lot about the users such as likes and dislikes, choices, and the products they’re interested in. 

Digital Marketing helps you analyze that data and create impactful marketing strategies to convert the audience into sales. Based on the types of your business, you can select what type of audience you want to show your product ads to and turn them into potential customers, saving resources at the same time. In addition, several NGOs and government agencies can also use effective marketing strategies to spread awareness about certain topics. 

Role of Experts in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers both technical and non-technical skills that one should learn to become an expert in the field of digital marketing. Big companies and tech firms hire experts from various fields like web designing, web development, content marketing, social media consultant, content writers, graphics designers, etc. to work together and create great strategies and advertisements that plant an idea about your product or service in the minds of your audience. 

As the industries are growing, the demand for digital marketing professionals is also increasing, creating employment opportunities in the IT sector of India. An Online Digital Marketing Course can help you learn these profitable skills and being a part of this lucrative field. 

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Whether we talk about people making online purchases, streaming services, using social media, and even paying bills online, the number of people using online services has increased more than ever 70% in the past few years. India has around 500 million smartphone users, which leaves almost 2/3 of the population with no access to the internet or services like Amazon, Netflix, and others. 

Companies like Reliance Jio bought a revolution in the telecom industry by reducing the price of internet services in India. Therefore, India is now becoming a global marketplace for various product and service-based companies around the world. And, with impeccable marketing strategies, they can gain more customers and dominate the market.  


Digital Marketing enables a business to effectively promote online services like, entertainment, business, banking, social awareness, and products, which leads to an increase in demand, supply chain, and skilled professionals. With the help of social media, companies can implement old marketing techniques like word-to-mouth publicity in a modern and effective way. 

Digital Marketing helps in lead generation, identifying potential customers, and delivering the message to the right audience. Shortly, India would be more dependent on Bogota platforms, which would further increase the demand for digital marketing. 



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