See How these Guys are helping entrepreneurs to plan their business by using their modern business plan software
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                                  When and How did you start?

We started Our Journey one Year before  in Jan 2017

 How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment?

We found that its hard to represent a business idea to investors, it is not easy to convey investors to invest their money by just scrappy idea drawn on paper, it needs a proper business plan. 
 one of my MBA friend who is a business plan writer has inspired us to build a software for business planning. This will help students/entrepreneurs to write a business plan with just a moment of few clicks and small write-ups, it is having automated financial forecasting tool that helps planning their startup financials. 

 Brief about organization and founding members

 We had started developing a software in Jan 2017, and we have finished it’s developing at end of November 2017 and released software in beta version in November, within three months of a period we have got 500 beta signups till now with positive feedback. 

Founding Members :    

vinay kevadiya                                       

Vinay kevadiya: Co-founder and CEO 

    paresh balar 

Paresh balar: Co-founder and CTO 


   Upmetrics is a small team of 5 software engineers and 2 SEO/digital marketing persons.

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Vinay kevadiya and Paresh balar are also founders of surat based leading software development company infizer technology (

 About funding, plans for growth

We are Bootstrapped and Self-funded till now. We  have spent 1.5 Million INR developing a software

 Future plans and funding

The future plan is to build an online community around the business planning software, idea discussion and mentor advising tools.

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Its all build for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are working hard to bring their ideas into reality, we tried to make their life easy,

We are providing a free of cost business plan writing tool, however, financial modeling tool will be paid but most of the basic version will be free and entrepreneurs/students can kickstart their business plan writing can easily share their

Provide some statistics like revenues or clients acquisitions

” We have 500 free beta users by end of JAN 2018, we will release paid version within this Feb and have an expectation of to getting 100 paid users by the first month, ” Says the Founders  

Your website / apps / and contact details


 Facebook Page :

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