Healthcare Administration Career

Healthcare Administration Career
Healthcare Administration Career
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Although I was particularly attracted to pharmaceutical marketing, there were several setbacks that made me reconsider this professional path. I noted that for me to succeed in this career, I had to be traveling 75.0% of my working time. Additionally, I may have to relocate to new towns regularly to maintain the job’s quota. Based on the current economic situation plus the cuts enforced in healthcare services, I decided not to commit myself to the sales and marketing field. Therefore, I decided to reconsider my options and research the area of healthcare administration extensively. After a short while, I concluded this is the most appropriate career choice that fits my desires, wants, and needs. For the longest time, I have always wanted to work in a place where I can exercise my skills and talents to assist people. Although I have never fancied the clinical aspect of hospitals, I always desired to work in the management and business side of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare administration engages all aspects of a student’s academic and professional capabilities since the work entails more than just regulations and technology. The primary curriculum focuses on developing substantial stakeholders’ teamwork, achieving healthy management strategies, and comprehending particular industry economics. Understanding to coordinate healthcare facilities entails learning how to introduce changes to advance the overall company efficiency by interpreting complex data, developing teams, and establishing strong organizational cultures (Tevis & Kennedy, 2020). That involves improving one’s knowledge in areas of information and communication technology, administration, policy, and ethics. It means the learner must motivate themselves as both academic and professional levels into the phase of their careers. There is a growing demand for hospital administrators in recent times. There are two primary reasons for this growth; first, the Baby Boomers are now fifty years old and above (Bowen, 2020). That increases the healthcare needs of these older adults.

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Secondly, healthcare institutions require trained administrators to manage daily activities while streamlining operational processes to help medical staff conduct their treatment and prevent care duties. Since several aging persons now have longer lifespans due to healthier lifestyles, the need for institutions offering home care also increases (Bowen, 2020). As aforementioned, healthcare administrators coordinate several healthcare services in different settings like community health centers, drug-abuse recovery centers, hospitals, hospice institutions, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes. Hence, it is essential to understand those hospital administrators working in large organizations could handle specific roles. However, those working in smaller institutions could oversee daily operations in every department in the facility. The duties assigned to administrators differ based on the organizations they work (Doyle, 2019). Notably, regardless of where administrators work, they ensure the organizations run efficiently besides providing adequate patient care services.

Administrators are familiar with the business aspects of the institutions since they also play a crucial role in determining healthcare service rates and planning budgets. Therefore, hospital administrators should familiarize themselves with finance and accounting and understand how to raise funds and spend them properly (Bowen, 2020). One of the importance of hospital administration is keeping costs down. Whenever a patient without insurance coverage seeks clinical assistance, healthcare administrators work with such patients to lower their overall service costs. They can devise work-out strategies or enroll them in programs that reduce their costs. If a patient cannot afford medical services, the institution may waive these costs and pass them on to other clients (Tevis & Kennedy, 2020). Hospital administrators also cooperate with insurance companies to cover the entire cost of all services they provide.

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Healthcare administrators address similar duties to managers, and consequently, they earn high salaries also. One of their primary roles is providing valuable training for new staff. Hospital administrators hire new workers. They also advertise new vacancies and interview job applicants. As such, healthcare administrators must identify the most qualified candidate for these positions and address all patients’ needs (Bowen, 2020). Besides working with hospital employees, healthcare administrators provide crucial assistance to the public on health matters. Several healthcare organizations now provide special initiatives like outreach programs that allow the public to understand emerging health issues (Doyle, 2019). Also, people get to know the various risk factors associated with specific clinical diseases and how to mitigate them. Other initiatives help people how to improve their lifestyles by quitting things like smoking and getting physically active (Tevis & Kennedy, 2020). Most healthcare organizations provide these programs since they promote public health and lower the risk that people might require medical help, and this reduces health-related costs. (Order for Assignment Help)

One of the essential roles of healthcare administrators is maintaining daily operations in the organization. Physicians and nurses often focus on providing medical help to patients and other clients (Tevis & Kennedy, 2020). They examine patients, perform tests, and prescribe treatments and medications required by the patients. However, hospitals cannot run without different administrators running other healthcare operations. They ensure healthcare facilities operate within their budgets and negotiate with vendors and suppliers to get better quality and prices of materials required to address patients’ needs (Doyle, 2019). Several graduate schools offer degree programs in Healthcare Administration and other courses that train learners in various business aspects related to working in the healthcare industry (Doyle, 2019). The significance of hospital administration includes developing public programs, assisting in running daily organizational operations, helping all patients, and training new staff.

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Whenever people think of healthcare facilities and hospitals, they consider nurses and doctors working there but have little thought about the significance of healthcare administration. Hospital administrators include individuals working behind the scenes supporting workers and processing insurance claims. They are responsible for developing new programs and training new staff in addition to providing resources and information to the public. Students seeking to pursue healthcare administration careers in colleges should consider the significance of this job and how they can apply their degrees. While conducting their duties, healthcare administrators usually act as liaisons between departmental heads, hospital staff, and governing boards. They achieve this by integrating every department activity to enable everyone to work as a team efficiently. In essence, hospital administrators are the backbones of the organizations. Thus, they could engage in several areas and gain a better understanding of how each department operates. It is essential to note that healthcare administrators play crucial roles in the recruitment process since they offer the final verdict concerning who gets hired for specific positions, particularly regarding the top management ranks.

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