Heavy Equipment Shipper: The Best Hauler for Your Oversized Equipment Transportation

Heavy Equipment Shipper: The Best Hauler for Your Oversized Equipment Transportation
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It is challenging to prepare your heavy stuff for oversized and heavy equipment transport. But it becomes seamless when you get in touch with professionals. Heavy Equipment Shippers is one of the most reputed brands in the hauling industry.

Our 98% positive rating explains why people prefer our heavy equipment shipping & oversize cargo transport services.

You can contact us or request a free quote. You will need to provide all details of your equipment.

And our team will manage everything from preparation to shipping. We are here to serve you with our quick and budget-friendly international oversize equipment transport facilities. There is no time to wait. Contact Heavy Equipment Shippers now and get a free quote instantly!


How Do Brands Transport Equipment Overseas?

Ro/Ro ships are the most common methods of transporting cargo, especially for heavy equipment transport overseas.

Companies that lack Ro/Ro facilities may use a flatbed trailer or a container. Brands utilize flatbed trailers to transport equipment overseas. It is indeed the safest method. There is no risk of damage. Moreover, this mode of shipping does not require adjustments.

Are you looking for a reputed brand for fast and safe heavy equipment shipping & oversize cargo transport? Call Heavy Equipment Shippers now or mail us to get started.

How Do You Transport Large Equipment?

Ro/Ro cargo ships are the best option for hauling construction equipment. However, flatbed trailers are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to Ro/Ro.

These trailers are secure. And there is no need to adjust the dimensions in flatbeds. You can also transport equipment in containers. However, haulers disassemble the equipment into parts for the cargo.

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It enables it to fit into the vessel when shipping via containers. Contact us now for exclusive oversized and heavy equipment transport services.

What is Considered Oversized Freight?

A cargo that exceeds the legal size limits is considered an oversized freight. The following measurements are widely accepted as standard dimensions across the U.S.

  • Width: 8’6’’
  • Length: 50 to 65 feet (varies for each state)
  • Weight: maximum 64,000 pounds
  • Height: 12’5’’

Does your equipment surpass the standard limits? Do not worry; Heavy Equipment Shippers has got your back! Heavy Equipment Shipper provides effortless and pocket-friendly oversized and heavy equipment transport.

We ship equipment both nationwide and overseas. Request a free and instant quote now!

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Heavy Equipment?

It is not easy to evaluate an exact price for hauling construction equipment as loads of variable factors are involved.

The charges depend on the size of your equipment and the distance. Moreover, the cost is considerably higher for oversized equipment transportation.

How Much Is an Oversize Permit in Florida?

An oversize permit may cost you $16 in Florida for a single trip. However, you can save money with an annual license.

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