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Car Transport Australia

Car transport in Australia may be difficult if you do not have the necessary information. P&S Logistics’ transport experts have compiled comprehensive guidance in this article. It will provide you with information about the source and destination. It will also guide you about anything else you need to know. This article discusses how to move a car from one Australian city to another.

1.  Cleaning the Automobile

You might be asking why the first step is to wash the automobile. It has nothing to do with car transport; it’s only a precondition for the following stages.

Wash the exterior of your automobile. It is one of the important steps in car carrying.

2.  Examine the vehicle’s exterior

You should inspect the car’s outside to check if there is any damage. It will assist in protecting both you and the car shipping business. The car shipping company will not be liable for any damage that has already occurred to the vehicle.

3.  Remove your automobile keys

Before handling the automobile over to the driver, you must remove the key from the vehicle. You would be free from the difficulty in this manner.

Whenever the company says, “handing over the car to the driver,” we assume the client is using a door-to-door service.

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4.  Capture the Pictures for Car’s Safety

You may forget about the examined damage at the time of auto-delivery. As a result, it’s a good idea to take photographs of the vehicle for the record. It will assist you in avoiding any disagreements with the car freight business.

5.  Save all your expensive possessions

Some auto transport firms claim that clients may leave their belongings in the car. But it is best not to do so if you are utilizing an open vehicle. Because open automobile transport trailers have no walls or ceilings, they are vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

6.  Vehicle Damage

Check if your vehicle is damaged during transport. Please contact the carrier to find out about compensation and liability levels. In any case, carriers do not cover automobiles that are already damaged or undrivable.

7.  Follow the Transport Terms and Conditions

Every company has its own terms and conditions. You must follow those terms. All vehicles transported through P&S Logistics must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. There is no damage to the car, and we may drive it.
  2. The standard height is considered when the width is less than 1.90 meters, and the length is less than 5.2 meters. Higher automobiles can still be transported, but there may be additional expenses.
  3. A 6-inch / 150-mm clearance is required.
  4. When calculating the dimensions of a vehicle, start at the highest point (roof racks/folded-in mirror edges/bulbar/tow ball, etc.).
  5. Handbrakes and brakes that work.
  6. If the windows and roofing are in bad shape, they will be carried in a covered container at an extra cost.
  • The vehicle should start easily.
  • The automobile should not weigh more than three tons.
  • You must reserve the vehicle before two business days for depot drop-offs. There are no urgent same-day drop-offs available.
  • For pickups, we ask a minimum of 5 business days’ notice. Pickup in rural regions may take longer.
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8.  Transporting Goods Inside Vehicle

  • All cars must be empty unless the ‘Goods in Car’ option is chosen. Please note that P&S Logistics offers this service only for items that meet the following criteria:
  • They should weigh no more than 80 kg.
  • There must be no obstructions to any windows.
  • You should not put items on the floor behind the driver’s seat or in front of either of the front seats.

P&S Logistics shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to goods or vehicles because of the contents.

9.  Goods in An Empty Vehicle

If the following items are kept in an automobile, it will still be considered empty:

  • Tire-spare
  • Jack Toolbox is a car accessory.
  • Booster Seats and Baby Seats (they should be fitted, not loose)

10.  Be Ready at the Pickup Time

Pickup and transit dates are estimates only. They pertain to working days only, excluding weekends and holidays. Due to peak seasons, acts of nature, and backlogs, pick-up dates and transit days may vary.

The transit time begins when the package is picked up or dropped off at the depot. Please do not arrange holidays, excursions, or meetings around projected transit times because P&S Logistics cannot guarantee to pick up or delivery timeframes.

11.  Vehicle Collection

Each booking made with a car transport company is unique. P&S Logistics needs a notice of a minimum of three working days to collect your car for metropolitan door collections.

It is subject to change; nevertheless, we will make every effort to retrieve your car within this period. Further notice will be required for rural collections. Putting your preferred collection date on your reservation does not guarantee that day or time. One of our fleet controllers or load planners will call you to set up a day and timeframe before collection.

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12.  Cars from auction houses

Cars sold at auction must be operable and free of dents and damage. The service should be re-quoted if the automobile shows any damage because the fixed pricing does not account for damaged vehicles. When you reserve a service, you must give this information.

13.  Don’t make changes to the Booking Information

Always make sure that you are providing the right information the first time. If you make any changes after the booking has been made, it may incur extra charges.

Adjustments made after a confirmed booking has been confirmed may result in an administrative fee that boosts your service’s fixed pricing.

14.  Cancel a Booking through written means

You must cancel a booking via written means. Phone calls are not valid to cancel a booking. The car moving companies reserve the right to add a cancellation fee depending upon the

circumstances of the cancellation.

It’s on top of the fees for providing erroneous information at the time of booking. It may take up to 5 business days for a refund to be processed. A useless fee will be levied to the cancellation price if the transportation is canceled with a notice of fewer than 48 hours or not canceled at all by written methods and a carrier visits the collection.

If the vehicle has been picked up and a place on the truck has been reserved for it, and you decide to cancel for any reason, the carrier has the right to charge you the entire amount of the transportation expenses since they will be unable to re-book that space.

15.  Cargo in the car

Only lockable compartments and baggage spaces must be kept in the car. Inner freight cannot be put on seats or obstruct windows, mirrors, or the vehicle’s ability to drive.

Note that not all shipping lines or transportation firms allow personal goods. It may result in an unnecessary journey, storage, or delays to your package if not stated appropriately at the time of booking.

P&S Logistics makes every point clear to its customers. We are always loyal to you. You can fearlessly request a fast car transport quote from us.

16.  Always gather all the necessary information.

Please contact the car moving company via their contact page or e-mail if you have any queries or complaints about the transport terms or conditions. Always have detailed information about the car transport before transporting your vehicle.

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