Here’s How OneTouch EMR Helps Physicians: Features, Benefits, Pricing, Reviews.

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based, read about Office Ally Practice Mate
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Before we get into OneTouch EMR’s benefits, features, reviews, and pricing; let’s give a quick overview of what it is.

What is OneTouch EMR?

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform that helps medical practitioners organize patient data and practice management features like:


scheduling appointments, 

making referrals,


generating patient statements. 

You’ll also have access to the patient portal, where you can see your schedule for the day or week and send messages directly to patients.

OneTouch EMR Software’s interface is designed to be easy to navigate, with well-organized tabs and a user-friendly design that allows users to find the information they need quickly.

OneTouch EMR Features

OneTouch EMR includes the following features:

  • Patient records: View and edit patient profiles, including demographics, allergies, conditions, medication history, and more.
  • Insurance verification: Verify patient insurance information directly through OneTouch EMR before beginning appointments.
  • Patient reminders: Set up automated text messages for patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.

Benefits of OneTouch EMR

OneTouch EMR is easy to use. 

Our EHR uses a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for you to enter and view patient data. Physicians can easily add information to the medical record using clicks, menus, or voice commands.

You save time with OneTouch EMR. 

With our advanced automation and workflow management tools, you can spend less time looking at screens and more time with your patients. In fact, physicians have reported up to a 60% gain in productivity after switching from paper charts to an electronic health record (EHR) system like ours.

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More efficient processes equal fewer errors. 

The faster turnaround times enabled by our software allow physicians to process tasks more efficiently, which means reduced room for mistakes when entering patient data into the system.

Better efficiency means increased revenue for your practice

Our software facilitates more accurate billing because claims are automatically generated based on the data entered into the electronic health record (EHR). This helps mitigate billing errors that often occur when doctors are required to manually create claims from paper records or scribbled notes from a patient’s visit.

Provide care remotely if needed

Because they’re not limited by location or time of day, doctors who use our software have greater flexibility with their work schedule and are able to provide care remotely if needed.

Who uses OneTouch EMR?

Every practice is different and it’s important to find an EMR that works for you. What people need in their practices varies based on the size of their patients, the number of physicians, and any specialties they might have. After all, a surgery practice with hundreds of patients will vary from a one-person primary care office.

We recommend OneTouch EMR to providers and practices of all types, but it is especially useful for the following groups:

  • Primary care physicians (PCPs)
  • General practitioners (GPs)
  • Family medicine doctors
  • Urgent care centers

OneTouch EMR has a unique feature set that addresses many different practice use cases, including:

  • Anyone using paper charts can benefit from OneTouch EMR because it allows you to store all patient data in one place and access it without searching through piles of records.
  • Practitioners who have been using another EMR for several years can also benefit from switching to OneTouch’s cloud-based system because it allows them to access patient records easily and securely wherever they are (at home or at work). 
  • Practitioners who face downtime in their setups, as after using OneTouch EMR they won’t have to wait for IT staff at their clinic so there won’t be any delays when getting information out quickly during emergencies.
  • Solo and small practice users as will find OneTouch most valuable for its ease of use and flexible keyboard templates that allow them to create notes quickly and efficiently with minimal training. 
  • Larger practices as they will find the system’s cost-effective pricing model appealing. 
  • Anyone who prefer a mobile, cloud-based application that is lightweight yet robust, and is customizable by specialty, by practice, and by the user.
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You can read about office ally practice mate to know its features, pricing, and reviews.

What is OneTouch EMR Pricing?

The good news is the software offers great features that work for both small practices and large ones, so you can start out with the basic plan and move up as your practice grows. 

Here’s how OneTouch EMR Pricing works:

  • A free plan that includes limited features
  • The silver plan that includes basic features costs $199 per month per provider with a $399 setup fee
  • The gold plan that includes Enterprise features costs $349 per month per provider with $399 setup fee.
  • Platinum plan that includes Premium features cost $599 per provider per month with $599 setup fee.

What are users saying about OneTouch EMR Software?

OneTouch EMR Reviews are mostly positive. Users say that it is easy to use and flexible. They also appreciate that it’s an affordable EMR with a free trial, making it ideal for both small and mid-sized practices on a budget.

OneTouch EMR’s usability is one of the main reasons why users like the software. Many said that they were able to learn how to use OneTouch in less than a day, which was something they appreciated because the last thing doctors need after a long day at work is learning how to operate new software. Physicians also liked not having to spend money on training, since OneTouch has built-in tutorials and FAQs.

Users also said that their practice benefited from using OneTouch EMR because it made their workflow more efficient. Most said that prior to using OneTouch, most of their time was spent on paperwork and administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and billing patients.

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Takeaway: An affordable way to digitize your practice and make things more efficient – OneTouch EMR is worth trying!

OneTouch EMR is a great option for doctors and medical practices who are looking for an affordable way to collect patient data and cut down on paperwork. It’s one of the cheapest electronic medical record software providers on the market.

It allows users to instantly access patient health records, schedule appointments, and keep track of billing. It also gives users the ability to send mass text messages or emails to their patients, which can be useful for marketing purposes. 

Overall though if you’re looking for an affordable way to digitize your practice and make things more efficient – OneTouch EMR is worth trying out. 

Learn more about this medical record software for businesses by taking OneTouch EMR demo.

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