Hero Alom: Everything is a conspiracy! Nusrat says, I am addicted to more than one woman? Hero Alam in the counter question

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According to the news spread in the media for the last two days, the second marriage of Hero Alam is also about to break up due to multiple women. Nu sent him a divorce notice

He was the victim of a conspiracy by a Bangladeshi journalist. He is the one who spread the rumor of breaking up the marriage by lying. Two Bengalis are fighting over this. When the fans were surprised at the news of the break up of the second marriage of Bangladesh’s popular star Hero Alam, the Bangladeshi actor himself said this. False rumors have also reached the ears of Hero Alam. After that he went live on his Facebook page. His accusation against a journalist of his own country, the journalist has slandered him in a purposeful manner. He also asked, “Did my second wife Nusrat directly say in any media that I am addicted to more than one woman?”

For the last two days, the news in the media of A-Par-O-Paar Bangla, Hero Alam’s second marriage has also started to break up due to multiple women’s associations. After three years of marriage, his second wife Nusrat Jahan sent him a divorce notice. However, Alam said he has not yet received any such notice. In this regard, Nusrat told several media outlets in Bangladesh, “I have been with my parents for the last 6 months. Absolutely no contact with Alam, not that. Talking about work. ” He complained that Hero Alam used to scare him. Nusrat still has furniture worth Rs 9 lakh in their rented house. Nusrat claimed that he had tried hard to keep the family afloat. But Hero Alam is addicted to women! He can no longer accept the matter.

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In this context, Hero Alam said, “There is a problem in making a family. We have too. The same thing happened with the first marriage. We tried to save the marriage. When that is not possible, separation occurs. Our country’s journalist Akash will use that separation paper. Akash has tried to humiliate me in various ways before. Everyone whose voice is heard is not Nusrat, the wife of Alam. Someone else. Akash is playing a dirty game with Nusrat in front. Hero Alam-Nusrat’s arranged family wants to ruin.