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Hombuilt.com an Online Platform For Maintenance & Decor Services


When and how did you start? 

Hombuilt was started on the 5 June 2017 with a motive of socializing modern society.

Brief about the organization and founding members?

Hombuilt.com was found to take all the construction based that we feel needed in our life. Regardless of whether it is a requirement for Maintenance of your premises or to decorate it, you can get everything on this platform. A system based entrance for every one of the specialists and servicemen who has occupied with maintenance work get vocation from our process. Individuals would now be able to ask for a serviceman through booking available through Web/App and the servicemen adjacent to your area will be at your doorstep with no issue. Everything is straightforward and secure. No conveyance of leads or bothering through calls inquires, simply book and sit tight for the servicemen to react. Stylistic Decor services are taken care by an In-house group of Professional working in the field of Architecture, Interior, Vastu consultancy, and Engineers. Likewise thinking about the reasonable assets at the top of the priority list for future, we are having another segment of Solar plating that can help in saving our assets for a future age. For more download our application or visit our site.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment 

As there is an expansion in a worldwide populace, needs are likewise developing and individuals are leaning toward innovation to address every one of their issues without aggravating their way of life. It is difficult to find out Serviceman in our regions, and in the event that we get one, there is numerous inquiry our their part like how good are they, reliable or not, security concerns and some more. On contrary same is with the Serviceman a few circumstances such as will I get my compensation on time? it is safe or they will deduct something? We have made a platform with all the straightforwardness for customer and servicemen sake so both the gatherings are completely fulfilled. It is an activity to give a serviceman their employment and some regard for their work that they don’t get in exhibit organizes regardless of whether in metropolitan urban communities. Serviceman resembles specialists who discover the issue and cure them let it be Electrical. Pipes or any Carpenter settling work. 

Hombuilt.com an Online Platform For Maintenance & Decor Services

Founder: Mr. Abhishek

Mr. Abhishek started this project at the age of 24 with a vision to cater construction based needs through networking. Being a graduated from Engineering field, he was engaged in Marketing sector for 3 years with different IT startups/CompaniesHe is also working with different startups and providing their consultancy for their future growth. 

Hombuilt.com an Online Platform For Maintenance & Decor Services

Co-Founder: Ms Rachna

Miss Rachna an Architect with a mindset of changing the view of modern architecture joined Hombuilt and took all the responsibility to cater clients with decor needs. Just 25 Years of age she is well sound in Vastu & numerology and having her personal client base for the same.  

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

 “If you are taking it, then don’t be afraid to lose it and if you are afraid to lose it then don’t do it,” Says The Founder Abhishek
In my career I have faced lots of hurdles and every one of them showed me the path to failure but I didn’t give up, it was the will that helped me in moving on saying ‘I will do it one day’  Says the Founder Abhishek
At the end of the day, it will be you to accept that failure or gains of your life that occurred due to your inputs.
Hombuilt.com an Online Platform For Maintenance & Decor Services
Apps: Hombuilt.com
Contact: Mail at [email protected] or call 9821173178



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