Home Improvement: Common Bathroom Design Problems and Solutions
Home Improvement: Common Bathroom Design Problems and Solutions

Home Improvement: Common Bathroom Design Problems and Solutions

Renovations evoke mixed feelings of excitement and concern until the job is over. If you plan to revamp your master bath, you may also go through such a state of confused emotions. You may worry about layout selection, fittings, and fixtures. But designers say you don’t have to take any mental pressure, especially if your bathroom is 100 sq ft. You can be in a sweet spot. You can get a toilet, a bathtub, a double sink vanity, and a shower area in this space. It will take care of your daily basic comforts and needs while ensuring every feature shares a safe distance from each other.

Some homeowners ask if a bigger bathroom is better. While the availability of enough space can be advantageous, you must remember that many factors influence its performance. From the room shape to the position of the windows and doors, you have to consider everything. A square layout offers flexibility, but a narrow design increases the bathroom’s efficiency by affixing all the fixtures to a wall. However, intelligent design ideas can overcome any hurdle. Plus, you can get upscale finishes that a luxurious bath usually includes.  For an idea, you can check a Kraus bath fixture in brushed gold. Here are some design hints.

Design of a 93 Sq Ft bathroom

If you live in an old house, you will most likely not have a master bath. But don’t worry about this when you decide to renovate it. With the help of expert designers, you can create one even in such a place. It can be surprising, but a simple layout in this square footage can accommodate a 60-inch double vanity close to the window for natural light, a toilet opposite it, etc. If the ceilings have a slope, the whole arrangement can feel more exciting, giving an illusion of enclosure.

Design of a 94 Sq Ft bathroom

A long and narrow bath that follows a compartmentalized system with a linen closet occupying one side of the entrance can waste a lot of space. But if you get rid of it by bringing old fixtures in its place, you allow things to open up and provide visual relief. Even a few changes here and there in such a layout can be efficient. For example, you can install a curvy tub, square tiles, and golden fixtures to create a sense of playfulness and elegance.

Since removing the linen closet leads to more floor space, you can afford an independent shower and tub. It will also make your bathroom look spacious. On the opposite of the tub, you can have a large 6 feet long sink cabinet. If there is a recess, you can keep your toilet there. You may worry about losing your closet. But there is no need to miss it when you can build a cabinet starting from the vanity’s countertop to the ceiling for a decent storage room.

Design of a 104 Sq Ft bathroom

Suppose you are a family of four, including two kids. In that kind of square footage, you can boast your oversized oval soaking tub. Your children can also have a blast while taking a bath. It can seem like a perfect setting in a colonial theme. But what will you do when kids grow up? The same bathroom can feel cramped with most fixtures running along the walls and not utilizing the central area.

If you and your kids plan to share this master bath, it will be better to build two entrance routes. You can use a partition to demarcate sink vanity and toilet areas on the same wall. Since it is a shared bathroom, doing away with a tub can be logical to make way for a 32-by-42-inch shower. Or, even couples can make such arrangements in this area to have the freedom to store their items and follow morning rituals without any interference.

Design of a 126 Sq Ft bathroom

Many homeowners have abandoned soaking tubs from their master bathrooms. But some people still want to indulge in this. Of course, it doesn’t look attractive in a corner. You cannot enjoy its functionality too. It is relevant for something sandwiched between the toilet space and vanity. However, you can change this layout by giving importance to the soaker. You can install a square tub facing the entrance. If there is a double vanity in that spot, you can do away with it to bring attention to this bathing feature. The ceiling over this area can have large pendant lights for a dramatic effect.

A 36-inch-wide vanity can go on any side of the tub, creating a symmetrical alignment. The vanity can have profound and large drawers for better storage. Going for a vanity with reclaimed wood fronts with simple cutouts over hardware can be significant. It will give your bathroom extra warmth and definition. The medicine cabinets above your sink vanity can have mirrors. In this bathroom size, you can easily incorporate a separate shower area also. But opt for frameless glass to keep things airy.

These are only a rough representation of what bathroom design ideas can do, regardless of the space. Hence, if you want to fulfill your wish of having a luxurious or comfortable bathroom, you don’t need to hesitate. Contact your local designer or contractor for consultation. You can speak to a few of them before handing over this responsibility. You can trust them to make efficient use of your layout based on your feedback and requirements.

As for decoration, you can get some items with their help or continue to deck it up until you feel delighted. Since budget can have a critical role in such works, you would want to dedicate a decent sum of money to this. Generally, small bathrooms don’t cost much. Still, it is better to keep 20% additional funds after considering all the estimates. Any sudden development or demand can be easy to address with that. Else, it can become another reason for tension. Anyway, if you want to have a master bath in a small space, you know it is achievable. So, plan properly and be ready for the change.



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