"HoneymoonIQ" an online platform for Newly married Couples to find a Photographer and Videographer

“HoneymoonIQ” an online platform for Newly married Couples to find a Photographer and Videographer

“HoneymoonIQ” an online platform for Newly married Couples to find a Photographer and Videographer

Gurugram: The newlyweds’ happy time is here, for they don’t have to fuss over clicking pictures while on a honeymoon. They could now sit back, relax and enjoy their time together. The concept of honeymoon photography is albeit new but it’s not uncommon, couples on their honeymoon have been capturing their special and precious moments since the advent of a camera. However, bringing along a professional photographer, for the ease of clicking pictures is a crisp idea which would change how photographs are clicked during a honeymoon; it would be more artistic and aesthetical rather than the subjective way of clicking cliched pictures.

The ultimate objective of HoneymoonIQ is to provide the honeymoon couples with a personal photographer, which would accompany them and make their special moments permanent and picture perfect. Places like Manali, Andamans, Lakshadweep, Kerala, and Goa are amongst some of the places covered by their services.

From a mere thought to a solid idea in just a short span of five months, the concept of honeymoon photography started by Manoj Yadav and Karan Gujral is quite new in the Indian market and is already doing a stir amongst the newlywedded circuit.

“The idea came while discussion with a friend who recently went on his honeymoon trip to Goa, he didn’t carry his camera and didn’t click even a single picture of their honeymoon trip,” said Manoj when asked about the inspiration behind this idea.

When the founder of this start-up was asked about the detailed journey involved in the process of conceptualizing this idea and turning it into a reality, he said, “This journey was started in July 2017 and like any other startup idea, it was started with a simple thought and took shape into a working model where everyone gets a benefited vendor, a good amount of revenue and customers get to make their memories permanent.”

“As all startup, we have started bootstrapped, one day we got good news we are officially recognized by the startup India program an initiative of Govt. of India because we are providing good amount of employment in tourist destinations”

The factor that determines the faith of any startup is the approval from the government and other formalities which HoneymoonIQ succeeded in achieving “Initially, challenges that we have faced were to let people know about the importance of honeymoon shoot in their honeymoon trip, but definitely there is a huge market potential available, good demand and people are eager to use such services which are very unique and never before used in India.”

 “life is always creating yourself ” which absolutely holds true in all aspects of life, whether it’s applying for a job or starting up a business Says The Founder Mr. Manoj

The founder, exclusively, gave an advice to the budding entrepreneurs by saying,

“just be confident in your ideas, one person’s view or rejection shouldn’t stop you from developing your idea.”


 "HoneymoonIQ" an online platform for Newly married Couples to find a Photographer and Videographer

HoneymoonIQ can be contacted via any of the methods
Websites: www.honeymooniq.com
Information Center :98119-966656
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/honeymooniq/
Twitter Account :// https://twitter.com/IqHoneymoon



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