Hospitals in UK (United Kingdom)
Top 10 Hospitals in UK (United Kingdom)

Top 10 Hospitals in UK (United Kingdom)

The united kingdom is a very rich & prosperous nation. The country has attained well-being in each & every sector, especially in the management or administration of hospitals. The top 10 hospitals in the UK have made enormous history in the medical line. The country is a combination of cities like England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. The capital of the country is London, a home town of finance & culture.

A most frequently asked question about the UK is, what are hospitals called in there?
So the UK calls the hospital a health service center. There are basically two types of health service centers one is public, which are run & managed by the National Health Service Trusts & the other is Private, which are run by private owners. Public health doesn’t charge or charge a minimal amount in return for the service, but private health centers charge a good amount of money in return. Out of these the top 10 hospitals in the UK, some are public & some are private, but their services are up to the mark.

Lately, the UK has made a noticeable growth in hospital development & expansion. Working in hospitals totally depends on professional doctors & high-tech tools. Both of these requirements are fulfilled by the UK government. Hence the country attended a remarkably extraordinary growth in hospital management & administration. The top 10 hospitals have also grown themselves with the help of all these factors & have won the trust of the public with their professional services. The list of the top 10 hospitals is given below.

List of Top 10 hospitals in United Kingdom(UK):


This is an NHS teaching hospital located in Central London & is considered to be the largest & the best for it. This hospital is affiliated with the King’s College London School of Medicine & Dentistry. There are about 840 beds which can accumulate a large number of patients & deals of the fast recovery to them. The specialty of this hospital is Dermatology, Cardiothoracic, Gynaecology. This is one of the oldest hospitals in the UK.

One of the most frequently asked questions about this hospital is St. Thmosa hospital, same as Guys & St. Thomas hospital?
The Guys’ & St. Thomas NHS FOUNDATION Trust included five well-known hospitals & these are are one of these five. So they’re not the same, but they both belong to the same trust.

CONTACT : +44 20 7188 7188
ADDRESS : Westminister Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH, England.
EMAIL : [email protected]
WEBSITE : www.stthomashospital.in


It is a teaching hospital for the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. This is one of the best hospitals in the UK. The hospital consists of 673 beds in total. The highly qualified & experienced doctors team makes it a popular hospital in the UK. The hospital was opened in 1751 & was formerly known as Newcastle Infirmary, which changed to Royal Victoria Infirmary in the year 1906. The specialties of this hospital are Cardiology, Emergency care, Maternity, Infectious diseases, Orthopaedics.

CONTACT : +44 191 233 6161
ADDRESS: Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, 4LP, UK.
WEBSITE: https://www.newcastle-hospitals.nhs.uk/hospitals/royal-victoria-infirmary/


This is the oldest teaching hospital in the UK. The most trustworthy in its own way. The establishment of this very hospital was started in the year 1834, which means today, this hospital is 187 years old. There are more than 665 beds available with this hospital. It is associated with University College London (UCL). There are around 1,500 research studies conducted under the guidance of UCL.

The hospital is also valued for saving the data of their patients for the saviors in the future, which is a tough job because as the hospital goes old, the data of the patient’s increases, but the hospital management does it aptly & perfectly. The specialties of this hospital are in Women’s health & cancer treatments.

CONTACT : +44 20 3456 7890
ADDRESS : 235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU,UK.
EMAIL : [email protected]
WEBSITE : www.uclh.nhs.uk


This hospital is managed by Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The establishment of this hospital was initiated in the year 1977.
There is over 800 bed available in this hospital with a whole separate emergency7 ward for the patients. The doctors are highly professional, which makes it the best hospital in the United Kingdom.

The most frequently asked question about this hospital is why this hospital is named FREEMAN?
So, the land where the hospital is currently constructed was earlier owned by t a tenant farmer who lived there with his son, & he tilled the now. So this hospital was named after him in the first half of the 19th century.

CONTACT : +44 191 233 6161
ADDRESS : Freeman Road, High Heaton, Newscastle upon Tyne NE7 7DN, UK.
WEBSITE : https://www.freemanhealth.com/


This hospital is not spreded in a large area of UK, but the professionality of them made them off of the best hospital located in the United Kingdom. The hospital has a profound, rich history which presently serves as the new site for the development of the Westminister Hospital.

A fact about the employees working in the hospital is that they’ve made a contract with Imperial College London. Also, the hospital plays a vital role in teaching the students about the medical sciences.

CONTACT : +44 20 3315 8000
ADDRESS :369 Fulham Road, London SW10 9NH, UK.
WEBSITE : www.chelseawest.nhs.uk


The hospital was formerly known as Hope Hospital. This is one of the top-performing hospitals in the United Kingdom. This is a public health care unit. The hospital provides a facility of of about 728 beds. It was started in the year 1882. This health care unit has specialization in the fields like medical, surgical & emergency services.

The hospital is, more importantly, famous for its Air Ambulance Service. It’s a self-care organization.

CONTACT : +44 161 789 73
ADDRESS : Slott Ln, Salford M6 HD, UK.
WERBSITE : www.srft.nhs.uk


This is an internationally renowned teaching hospital & research center located in Cambridge. The designation o0f this hospital is made with the academic health science centre & it is associated with the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It’s the first biggest Trauma center which originally operated in the United Kingdom. This is the best hospital located in the UK.

This is one of the largest hospitals with a capacity of more than 1000 beds. The hospital was opened in the year 1766 & made remarkable progress in just a few years.

CONTACT : +44 1223 245151
ADDRESS : Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0OQ, UK
WEBSITE : www.cuh.nhs.uk


This hospital is a part of Guys & St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. Also, this is one of the major institutions of King’s Health Partner. This hospital provides the facility of over 400 beds. This is one of the hospitals located in the United Kingdom. The establishment of this hospital was carried out in the year 1721, which means this is 300 years old hospital in the UK.

An important question asked about this hospital is that whether this hospital provides the service of the emergency department?
So the answer to it is NO. The hospital doesn’t have an emergency department in it.

CONTACT : +44 20 7188 7188
ADDRESS: Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT, United Kingdom
WEBSITE : www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk


This teaching hospital consists of a very large area of the UK. The hospital campus is spread in the area of about 8 hectares which is around 20 acres. This hospital is managed by the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. The capacity of this hospital in terms of beds is around 1000 & more. The specialties of this hospital lies in the fields like Cardiology, Plastic surgery & Gynaecology.

The hospital was built in the year 191-1924 & was rebuilt in the year 1974-1982. This particular hospital is located in Scotland. This is one of the best hospitals in UK because of its highly qualified & hardworking team of doctors.

CONTACT : +44 141 211 4000
ADDRESS: 84 Castle St, Glasgow G4 OSF UK.
WEBSITE: www.nhsggc.org.uk


This is the largest tertiary teaching hospital in Oxford. This hospital is the part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & that is the reason it is named after John Radcliff, who used to be a great physician & a graduate of Oxford University & also owned the Radcliff Infirmary, which was the main hospital of Oxford from the year 1770 till 2007.

This is a private hospital in United Kingdom, which provides a separate ward to each NHS patient. It’s an NHS private patient unit (PPU).

CONTACT : +44 300 304 7777
ADDRESS : Headly Way, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK.
WEBSITE : www.ouh.NHS.uk


This is one of the greatest cities for the patient suffering from any hazardous disease because of their highly qualified doctors & they assure you the best service because of the newest technological help. The doctors here understand the patient & cure them with all their possibilities. The top 10 hospitals in UK has excelled in this field & made themselves the best hospitals in the UK.



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