How a Contractor Can Protect Themself After a Job Site Accident

How a Contractor Can Protect Themself After a Job Site Accident
How a Contractor Can Protect Themself After a Job Site Accident
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Every contractor knows that despite their safety precautions, accidents are bound to happen, resulting in severe injury or even death. These risks naturally come with the territory, and when they do, it could spell disaster for your business. For this reason, it is very important for contractors to be prepared and put the necessary coverage in place.

A simple query for contractors insurance near me will provide many options that will go a long way toward protecting yourself, your employees, and your business as a whole from unforeseen risks and liabilities, saving you tons of money in the end. In addition to getting a comprehensive insurance policy to protect your business or profession, there are other appropriate measures to take in the event of a job site accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Whenever an accident occurs during a construction project, the first line of action is usually to call for medical attention. Regardless of the perceived severity of the accident, trained medical professionals should be alerted to come and tend to the injuries and, where necessary, move the injured worker. In the absence of a medical professional onsite, efforts should be made to take injured workers to the nearest hospital or urgent care facility. This should be done as soon as possible, as any delay can worsen the situation and prolong the time of recovery.

Report Accident

A contractor is expected to report serious work-related accidents to the health and safety department at your local authority as soon as possible. One such authority is the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). When accidents are appropriately reported to the appropriate agencies, it will help to ensure a proper investigation of the incident and that steps are taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. This also makes it easy to follow the protocols to ensure that workers receive the care and compensation they need to recover from their injuries.

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Prepare an Accident Report

It is important to collect and record important information concerning the accident and, where possible, take photographs of the accident scene. This documentation should capture information such as the nature of the accident, injuries sustained, the cause of the accident, the names of witnesses, the time and location of the accident, and any precipitating events. Information such as the weather conditions should be noted. This will help you, as the contractor, identify what went wrong and take corrective action to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. This is also a requirement when making claims for compensation.

Get in Touch with your Insurance Company

When dealing with an accident on your construction job site, especially when it involves the injury or death of a worker, it is essential to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will investigate the accident (with the help of your accident report) and assess the level of damages or injuries, and, in turn, provide the necessary coverage according to the terms of your insurance policy.

In the event of a lawsuit filed against you or your company as a result of the accident, your insurer may negotiate settlements and provide legal defense where necessary.

You just read a few ways a roofing contractor can get some relief after a work site accident. Serious injuries and deaths can be easily avoided if roofing contractors strictly follow worksite guidelines and report the smallest of incidents to the concerned authorities as soon as possible.

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