How Can Cisco CCNP Collaboration Certification Help You Reach New Heights In Your Career And Stand Out In The IT Industry?

How Can Cisco CCNP Collaboration Certification Help You Reach New Heights In Your Career And Stand Out In The IT Industry?
How Can Cisco CCNP Collaboration Certification Help You Reach New Heights In Your Career And Stand Out In The IT Industry?
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Are you wondering how useful the CCNA Training Course can be if you are planning to achieve it? You don’t have to put yourself in confusion because in this article you will find the straightforward answer to this question. The Cisco Collaboration certifications have gained huge popularity in the IT industry, as they have transformed and improved the way of doing business by bringing more productivity and business agility. That’s why every other candidate who plans to work with collaboration technologies is struggling to get the Cisco CCNP Collaboration accreditation. 

If you want to decide whether the 300-425 ENWLSD designation suits your needs, how to reach new heights in your career, or why to consider obtaining it this year, this article is definitely for you.

Relevant Details About Cisco CCNP Collaboration Certification 

The Cisco CCNP Collaboration is a professional-level certification that can be gained to two steps. The first one implies passing one core exam 350-801 CLCOR by code, and one concentration exam that you need to choose from the pool of the following ones: 300-810 CLICA, 300-815 CLACCM, 300-820 CLCEI, 300-825 CLCNF, 300-430 ENWLSI . The core exam validates your competency in dealing with collaboration infrastructure, while the concertation exams prove your skills in industry-specific topics, such as collaboration apps, advanced call control, and collaboration conferences, to mention a few. 

Regarding exam details, the core exam will cost you $400 and lasts for 120 minutes while the concentration exam is priced at $300 and is 90 minutes long. 

How Cisco CCNP Collaboration Helps You Reach New Heights In Your Career?

Now, let’s turn to the point, of how the 300-435 ENAUTO can be a game-changer for your career and help you achieve heights in the IT industry. 

  • Gain Competitive Edge Over Non-Certified Candidates In Job Market 
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In a nutshell, since Cisco certifications are a significant mark on your CV recognized all over the world, having it, testifies your proficiency in the chosen domain and gives you a competitive edge over other candidates. In a pool of thousands of candidates, it makes you noticeable to your potential employers and gives you priority. In addition, with the help of this certification, you can win the job market and get a handsome salary. Thus, by 350-401 ENCOR certified, you will enhance your acumen and have an opportunity to land a good job easily.

  • Help You Gain Credibility 

This advantage is closely connected with the first one. Being a worldly recognized designation, CCNP Collaboration makes you more credible in the eyes of potential employers. This implies that you are a purposeful and motivated candidate who deserves to be a real professional in the chosen domain. Employers understand that one has to endeavor to pass the two exams included in this Cisco accreditation. That is why many professional companies want to work with candidates who are CCNP Collaboration certified and are competent in the Cisco Collaboration solutions. 

  • Increase Earning Potential 

You will be surprised to know that the CCNA 200-301 earns an average salary of $99k per year as revealed by Payscale. In addition, having the Cisco CCNP Collaboration certification, candidates can apply for a wide variety of positions, such as telecommunications engineer, voice engineer, and collaboration engineer, to mention a few. And, what is important for any motivated professional, is to grow in one’s career. After earning the CCNP Collaboration accreditation, you can opt for the expert-level certification in this domain. So, by developing your skills, you can boost your career further. 

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To sum up, the Cisco CCNP Collaboration certification acts as a giant building block to your career goals. It earns makes you noticeable among other candidates for the same job vacancy, earns you the credibility of your future employers, provides you with a decent salary, and offers you career prospects. For that, pass two certification exams, gain the designation, and enjoy its limitless perks. 

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