How Can Make My Lace Wig More Fluffy?

How Can Make My Lace Wig More Fluffy?
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If you have a straight wig, adding volume to your hair is a great way to make it look natural. How do you properly style it? This post will help you figure out which styling tools and how to volumize your hair. Let’s scroll down to learn how to make your wig more fluffy and voluminous.

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Style the tresses

Straight wigs are elegant and appealing, but they tend to be more sleek than voluminous wigs. You can make your wigs look more fuller with many great styles. You can curl your hair with curling irons and tongs if you are wearing a human hair wig. This will instantly increase the volume of your stunning wig.

Curl Human Hair Wig

Synthetic wigs can be more challenging to use because they are not all heat-friendly. Once exposed to heat, the fibers can easily be melted. We recommend that you first check to make sure your wig is suitable for heat. You can style your synthetic wig using heat but not with rollers. It’s best to choose one with the volume you desire.


Backcombing wigs can be one of the most effective ways to volumize them. It is simple and yet extremely effective. This technique can also be used on your natural hair. These steps can be done with your wig brush.

  • Lift a section about 2 inches thick of your wig so that it is visible above the roots. Next, take your comb and pull the wig’s ends back towards the roots. You can get greater volume if you use a denser comb.
  • The end of the wig should not be bowed. This will cause a mess and less volume. We recommend that you backcomb your wig at least 3-4 inches from the scalp. This area should be emphasized to increase volume.
  • Don’t forget to backcomb your under section to make sure the visible areas of your wigs look nice
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How to make your wig fluffy using backcombing

Cutting the wig

Your wig’s volume can be affected by how you style it. Layered cuts can make your wig appear thicker.

A new haircut can make a big difference in the look of your wig. However, it is not a good idea for you to do it yourself. A professional stylist can help you achieve the perfect texture and volume by giving you some styling tips.

Trim Your Wig

Spritzing hairspray

It seems impossible to volumize a wig without hair spray. You can keep your bouncy hairstyle in place by spraying it here and there. After curling your hair, spray it with a spray bottle. Your wig will soon lose its volume and fall flat if you don’t.

Use hairspray

Using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can make your synthetic wigs less shiny. Dry shampoo is great for adding volume to your wig and natural hair.

But how do you do it?

First, take a section of hair and hold it up. Next, spray some water towards the roots and under the strands. Next, spray the remaining sections. Be careful not to spray your wig too much. Your wig will appear less voluminous if you apply too much spray.

Dry shampoo for volume

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You may have owned a straight wig once. However, some wigs can look too flat from being too well-made. A wig with a flattop may make your head appear larger. It’s best to add volume to your top part of the wig, and to avoid a flat look.

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How can you volumize the top while still keeping the texture of your hair? Here are our methods:

Teasing hair

Teasing or backcombing is the most popular way wig wearers choose to style their wigs. To avoid hair tangling, it is important not to tease your hair too much. To maintain the volume, spray your wig.

Tease Wig Hair

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Roots re-curling with rollers

Hair rollers at the roots are a great way to add volume and style to your wig.

Then, divide the wig into smaller sections. Next, make two to three passes at your wig’s root. To avoid curling the ends, keep them straight. Apply hairspray to the sections, then blow dry. Allow the hair to cool down before removing the rollers. Now you can have a straight wig that has a nice-looking top.

To curl your roots, use rollers

Below is a quick guide to making a wig fluffy. You can make a synthetic wig look natural by adding curly hair or a bouffant top. Human hair wigs have volume at the top, but natural strands are already dense. If you prefer a fuller look, you can add more. However, a human hairwig gives off a natural appearance. A straight human hair wig by Luxshine Hair is a great option if you want to instantly change your style. Luxshine offers the best deals. Thanks!

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