How Court Marriage in Pakistan Converts into Blackmailing?

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Court Marriage in Pakistan Converts to Blackmailing:

 One of the essential ingredients of court marriage in Pakistan is that the bride and groom have to appear in the courts of Pakistan. Generally in Pakistan, people know that the atmosphere in the courts of Pakistan is not good, but practically we see this in court marriage cases in Pakistan. When someone for court marriage in Pakistan goes to the court, they are unaware that many thugs and touts are already waiting for them. For Court Marriage in Pakistan, U need to Know the Court Marriage Law in Pakistan. ADV Nazia Ali Know the Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan & Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan. Here u Need to Prepare the Documents Required for Court Marriage in Pakistan with the help of best Lawyer.

1st Thing:

The first thing people don’t know is that these thugs and touts have already planned to ruin their lives. These thugs and touts on daily basis practice blackmailing the new couples how to enter the court. These touts and thugs are so experienced that at first sight, they know that this male and female are here for the court marriage in Pakistan. Once the couple enters the court for court marriage in Pakistan, they try to help them so that they can become their customers. Often, they quote low prices to attract those couples who are there to do court marriage in Pakistan.

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Customer Satisfied:

Once the customer is satisfied by these thugs and fraud people, then they start their work of blackmailing. Most of the time, the couples there for court marriage in Pakistan do not get their marriage certificate and are asked to come the next day, and this next day never comes until thousands of rupees are extorted from them by these thugs and touts. When they see that the parents of such a couple are unaware of this marriage, they start blackmailing every day that if they don’t give a certain amount, they will inform their parents. Coercive measures are used against this couple who had a court marriage in Pakistan. If the couple refuses to pay, they post the marriage certificate at the house address of such couple as revenge.

Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Most number of blackmailing due to court marriage in Pakistan is observed in the city of Lahore. Those who come for court marriage in Lahore Pakistan are extorted a lot. In Lahore, these thugs and touts have such a strong lobby that even some lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan, are backing them up. Couples can be saved from the wrath of these thugs and touts, but if a lawyer in Lahore is with them, the couple can’t be held until they reveal this fact themselves in their own house.

Famous Lawyers in Lahore:

One of the famous lawyers in Lahore Pakistan Advocate Nazia, who is very renowned for conducting the court marriage procedure in Pakistan, says that those who wish to perform the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan must first find out a lawyer who is loyal to his client. Secondly, she says that those who wish to conduct the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan must meet a lawyer in his office rather than going to court. Advocate Nazia says that she performs half of the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan in her own office to minimize the risk of exploitation of clients, which also creates the client’s level of satisfaction. The third thing she recommends to every client while going to the court is not to talk to a stranger on the court premises and not to take any favor from anyone of any kind.