How Influencers Are Leveraging the Power of the TikTok Platform

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TikTok has been taking the world by storm since its initial release in 2016. Although the start was rocky for the platform, it rose to fame when it rebranded just before the pandemic started. And with everyone stuck in quarantine, the TikTok era has begun. Quite frankly enough, the day this era ends is out of sight!

TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times and has more than 1 billion active users, making it the most downloaded app to this date. It has greatly changed our generation’s outlook on social media and content creation in general. In fact, a creator who has the least followers on TikTok could easily rise to stardom overnight, given that they find an audience that fits their content. 

Because of how organic, raw, and authentic TikTok’s contents are, many influencers are taking advantage of this social media platform. They become individual entrepreneurs for their channels. Let’s take a look at how these influencers do it and what their success mindset strategies are.

What Makes TikTok Different?

TikTok is a huge part of digital marketing nowadays. But what makes it so special that brands are ditching Facebook ads and partnerships to allocate more resources to TikTok advertising? 

Well, unlike other social media platforms, TikTok provides organic reach. This is done just by posting a 15-second clip that people who come across your videos could relate to. The TikTok algorithm will then show your videos to everyone, who will most likely enjoy your content. Regardless of whether they are on your TikTok following list or are your friends, the trendy app allows your videos to reach any audience in the world.

Another thing to take note of is that TikTok, at first, limits users to only 15 seconds of content. This is a strategy to keep the audience hooked on different niches and topics that they can watch on the platform. This is super short compared to YouTube videos, which usually last for 10 minutes. 

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Now, TikTok is a platform that allows you to share information-rich content in a maximum of 3 minutes per video. Which is still considerably short compared to its competitors. And with the declining attention span of internet users nowadays, TikTok is winning the battle.

However, TikTok isn’t necessarily the preferred platform of many marketers. After all, the audience of this social media platform is mostly the younger generation. Yet, it is important to note that even the youngest TikTok stars can boost your brand’s reach as long as the right audience is watching.

How are Influencers Maximizing the Power of TikTok?

The most successful men and women start somewhere. And for influencers with a good mindset, TikTok is their avenue to reach their dreams. Have you ever searched “Megan Thee Stallion net worth” or “Charli D’ Amelio’s net worth” just to see how much they make on the platform? If you do, then you probably know it is a hefty sum.

But how can this free-to-use platform be one of their secrets to success and a positive net worth? Let’s dive into this topic deeper.

  1. Content Creation

TikTok influencers are making it a habit to share a glimpse of their everyday life on the platform. They share cute dances, wacky faces, personal experiences, rants, recommendations, and so on and so forth. Everything that one wants the world to see, can easily be uploaded in TikTok in just a few clicks.

When starting, only a limited number of users will see your content. Depending on how they interacted with your video, it can be shown to other people with similar interests. Filling your profile with random content can help you find the niche your audience wants to see.

  1. Brand Deals
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Once you have built a small following, brands can pitch their products to you. They can send you free products in exchange for posting a review or any video about them. This is usually called a “brand deal” or “ex deal.”

Usually, you do not get paid for ex-deals. What happens is that you exchange your skills for free products that you enjoy or are already using. This type of exchange is very common with small brands or micro-influencers.

  1. Paid Partnerships

Later on, when influencers gain, for example, over 1 million followers on TikTok, brands will reach out to them for a paid partnership. Usually, it is in a review format. Paid partnerships are the real deal. And if you make it big in the industry, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just for a video.

Paid partnerships can free small influencers from all their net liabilities while boosting their net worth statements. Indeed, being a content creator is a job many dream of because of how lucrative the marketing industry is.

  1. Fan Base and Better Following

As a big TikTok content creator, you have everything to gain from the platform. You can be awarded the TikToker of the Year and meet famous people on the hub. You can also increase your total wealth.

However, the most important benefit for many influencers is that they gain a solid fan base that will stand up for them no matter what. They could also have more followers as they will look more credible and reliable, making it easier for brands to market them.

  1. Own Business and Brand

With a good number of loyal followers and fan bases, many influencers take on the entrepreneur roles and start up their own business brands. They maximize their audience to build their empire and have a better net worth ratio. While many would bat an eye, taking advantage of the opportunities they have is one of successful people traits.

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What Makes a Great TikTok Content?

  • Keep Portrait Mode On

TikTok is an app mainly accessed using mobile devices. Thus, for better content quality, you should opt for a portrait mode when filming, instead of the usual landscape mode.

  • Film High-Resolution Videos

Avoid filming videos that are of low quality. Avoid blurry backgrounds that have visible jitters. Using your mobile device is completely fine when you film, as long as the camera you have is of good quality.

  • Make Your Content Short and Simple

TikTok only lets you post videos that are 3 minutes long at most. This means that every video you make is time-limited. Thus, the best thing you can do is make the most of it. Stick to your main points and discuss them with your audience clearly.

  • Stay True to Who You Are 

To produce the highest quality TikTok content, it is important that you stay true to who you are. Do not pretend to be someone else. Refrain from changing what you like about a product or a service for the sake of brand deals or partnerships. Most importantly, let your personality shine through your videos, and everything will be on track.


We see pictures of famous TikTokers everywhere! In fact, the biggest influencers are already being invited to celebrity gatherings like the MET Gala. It is true that the line between the two occupations is getting thinner and thinner each day. It is safe to say that these influencers have maximized their opportunities on the TikTok platform and made it big.

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