How Long Does Facial Fat Grafting Last?

Fat Grafting

Several people ask me, “How long does facial fat grafting in Mumbai last?” That’s an important question to ask since there are so many different products and treatments that can be used to make a person look younger and healthier. This article will cover some of the different ways to make this procedure work for you.

Restores cheek volume

Using your own body fat to restore cheek volume can be a natural way to rejuvenate your face. This is because your fat contains stem cells that trigger natural skin rejuvenation. However, it can be a little more expensive than temporary dermal fillers.

Facial fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure that restores volume to sunken cheeks. This procedure involves harvesting fat from areas of the body that have lost volume due to age. The fat is then filtered to remove impurities and purified, before being transferred to areas that have lost volume.

Facial fat grafting can be performed on almost any part of the face. The procedure can also improve the contours of the jawline and brow. It can also help to reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars.

Improves nasolabial folds and marionette lines

Luckily, there are a number of nonsurgical methods that can help improve nasolabial folds and marionette lines. These treatments may be able to stave off more invasive surgical procedures, but patients will need a course of treatments to see the full results.

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Using fillers or Botox in the cheek area can reduce nasolabial folds and jowls. Fillers can also be placed higher up in the cheek area to lift sagging facial skin. But the cheeks will have to be injected with large amounts of filler, and this can leave the area looking bigger than before.

Another nonsurgical method for improving nasolabial folds and maronette lines is microneedling. This treatment uses small needles to create puncture marks in the skin, which then stimulate collagen production. The needles can be repeated several times.

Improves tear troughs and hollows in the eye area

Using facial fat grafting in Mumbai  to improve tear troughs and hollows in the eye area is a long-lasting, effective way to address hollowing. The procedure requires less downtime than other cosmetic procedures and is virtually painless. It is also a reversible process, as most of the swelling will disappear within a few days.

The procedure is slightly more invasive than other types of treatments. Fat is harvested from the stomach or from other parts of the body and then injected into the tear trough area. The fat is purified before injection and transferred into a saline solution. It is then deposited into a stainless steel mesh strainer best plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

The fat is then transferred into a 1 ml syringe via a connector. A small amount of fat is deposited into the malar fat pad. This repositions the fat, restoring the convex curve from the lower eyelid to the cheek.

Is an excellent, long-lasting alternative to dermal fillers

Those who are looking to improve the appearance of their face and want to eliminate wrinkles may consider undergoing a facial fat grafting treatment. The procedure is very similar to that of a filler treatment, but offers much longer-lasting results.

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Facial fat grafting is a safe, natural method of filling deep creases. It uses the patient’s own fat, which is then purified and injected into the area of the face. The fat provides a more natural result than dermal fillers, which have to be reinjected after several months. It also has less long-term costs than hyaluronic acid fillers.

Facial fat grafting is also a non-surgical procedure that requires minimal downtime. The injection sites usually heal within a day or two, and patients are usually able to return to work the next day. However, the full effects of the procedure will not be noticeable until swelling subsides.


Compared to other best cosmetic surgeon in India procedures, the cost of facial fat grafting is much lower. Its cost is dependent on the amount of work needed and the clinic’s location.

The procedure involves injecting small amounts of fat cells from the donor site into the areas of the face. This is done to reduce signs of aging. The results are natural and long-lasting. It is also less likely to be rejected by the body.


The procedure is less invasive than a facelift. It also has a minimal recovery time. Most patients can resume normal activities within three to seven days. However, bruising can occur, especially in the treatment area.Bruising can last for up to two weeks. Some patients will experience a slight abdominal discomfort. This will improve after a week. Swelling will also subside.

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