How Much Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India?

Breast Reduction Surgery
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You may be wondering how much it will cost to get a breast reduction procedure. If so, there are several things to consider. Listed below are some things to consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. The first is experience. Make sure that you find a surgeon who has years of experience and is qualified. Additionally, check if they trained at an accredited medical institute. Finally, ask to see before and after photos of previous patients. If possible, ask to meet with a plastic surgeon’s past patients and compare their results.


Fortunately, many health insurance plans cover breast reduction surgeries. In order to receive coverage for this procedure, the patient must first make an application for medical necessity. Depending on the insurer, eligibility requirements may include back, neck, or shoulder pain or rashes beneath the breast. The doctor may need to submit proof that nonsurgical treatments have not alleviated symptoms. Major health insurance companies also require the patient to provide proof of the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed, which is typically from one to four pounds.

Depending on the procedure, breast reduction surgeries may involve a general anesthetic. The procedure typically takes two to five hours and requires full unconsciousness. Anesthesia charges include the hourly fee of the anesthesia provider, hospital fees, medications, and additional staff. A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) charges a lower fee than a board-certified anesthesiologist, so the plastic surgeon will choose whichever is most comfortable for the patient.

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Recovery time

The recovery time from breast enhancement surgery varies for each individual patient. Some people are back to work within a week, while others may need as long as two months. While most patients will be back to normal within seven to ten days, they may feel a little numb in the chest area for a few weeks after their surgery. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t drive or engage in strenuous physical activity until the swelling and pain have gone down.

One month after your procedure, your incisions should be healed. You should avoid driving for at least 24 hours and bathing for six to eight weeks. At one month, you should resume light activities such as housework. By this time, you will be feeling more comfortable in your clothes and will be able to return to work. However, you should avoid strenuous physical activity or any activity that puts strain on your surgical scar.

Insurance coverage

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, you may be surprised to find that it’s covered by your insurance. While most insurance plans don’t cover all the costs of breast reduction surgery, many do. The process of getting a pre-approval letter from your insurance provider is usually the first step in determining whether or not your procedure is covered by your policy. Your regular physician or plastic surgeon may also need to submit a number of documents before your insurer will cover the costs of your surgery. Depending on your coverage, your insurer may require a medical exam and a second opinion before approving a plastic surgeon.

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In order to receive insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery, you must first contact your insurance provider to find out what their requirements are. Contact your insurer today and ask about the types of documentation that they require for approval. Most policies require that your plastic surgeon submit documentation confirming that your surgery is medically necessary. If you are undergoing nonsurgical treatment for your breast-reduction procedure, you may also need to submit medical documentation showing that you’ve been experiencing symptoms for at least six months. If you’ve had an infection or severe rashes for at least six months before your surgery, you may also need to provide documentation that demonstrates the skin condition’s severity.

Financing options

There are many different options for financing a breast reduction surgery cost. You can use a credit card to cover the costs of the surgery or apply for a monthly payment plan. Most insurance providers don’t cover cosmetic surgery, so you will have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. However, you can find financing options through CareCredit. This credit card has low interest rates and payment plans that fit almost any budget. You will be given the opportunity to pay off the entire amount of the surgery over a period of time.

If you don’t have enough money in your savings account to cover the entire cost of the procedure, you can use credit cards to pay for it. Some credit cards offer interest-free periods up to 21 months, but you will have to pay the entire balance in full before the end of the introductory period. Although these options can help you get a lower price, you can also use these cards to tie up your credit and run large charges that will hurt your credit utilization and affect your credit score.

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Most women will experience some scarring after breast reduction surgery in Mumbai. The visibility of the scar depends on the technique used for the surgery, the type of incision, and the post-operative instructions. However, scarring can be minimized with proper care before and after the surgery. If possible, you should have someone drive you home. A bra or bathing suit will cover the scar. Scarring from breast reduction surgery is usually a temporary condition.


If possible, avoid exposing the scar to excessive heat for a few weeks after the procedure. To reduce the risk of scarring, follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Proper wound healing will reduce the size and depth of the scar. It is essential to refrain from smoking for a month or so after the operation. You should also consume a healthy diet to promote skin healing. The scarring may take time to disappear, and if you are dissatisfied with the results, you can always undergo another surgery.

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