privateers and gamblers
How privateers and gamblers work together

How privateers and gamblers work together

Most often, the cooperation of a privateer with players goes like this:

  • the bettor pays a certain amount and receives a prediction from the capper;
  • places a bet on the specified outcome;
  • Often, privateers share their winning strategies, which they say can bring big profits.

Privateers are often scammers and not real professionals. If they did determine the “concrete” outcomes, they would be betting on their own, rather than sharing information with others. Professionals will never tell you about their winning strategy. If they do, it’s only for a very large amount.

Even the most experienced bettors cannot consistently win. According to statistics, only 5% of these sports betting brings a steady income.

How to find a privateer to win bets

You can’t take the privateer’s advice as a guarantee of a successful bet. To use the services of a professional, you need to have enough betting knowledge. This is necessary in order not to be deceived. Not all privateers are scammers, but it is very difficult to find a real professional.

To find an honest and experienced privateer, you can research the guarantor sites. Many publish free forecasts, which can then be used to determine whether a person is good at predicting the result of sports events. You can chat with real bettors on specialized forums that collaborate with privateers and leave feedback.

Privateers can share their strategies for making a profit at online casinos. These can be the author’s schemes and mathematical calculations. If you have received a free strategy for a privateer, you can check his professionalism at online casino parimatch. Such sites often give free spins to beginners, which allow you to check out a particular private scheme.

How to identify a professional privateer

A real privateer should be like this:

  • he is known in certain circles of bettors;
  • if you fill in his name and surname in the search engine, all information about the person will be available;
  • professional in-demand privateers do not give free trial predictions and tips;
  • the services of a good privateer are always expensive;
  • professionals not only give a forecast for a particular event but also suggest which technique is better to place a bet, as well as what part of the bankroll can be spent;
  • privateers have personal blogs or other information resources in which they share statistics, author’s ideas, announcements with subscribers;
  • for each forecast, a professional gives his objective justification and does not simply copy and translate information from English-language resources.

Some privateers do not at all seek to promote their name but share their predictions only with a narrow circle of clients.

How privateers make good predictions

All experienced privateers make predictions only for those sporting events for which there is enough information for a thorough analysis. We need the following data:

  • tournament table;
  • weather;
  • what is the motivation of the teams;
  • results of recent matches;
  • are there any injured or disqualified players;
  • in what physical and psychological form of the team;
  • history of personal meetings of players.

Many people ask the question: why privateers themselves do not place bets if they know how to correctly predict events? They explain it this way: when the user starts making only successful bets, the bookmaker cuts his limits, does not allow him to withdraw money, requires additional verification, and tries to complicate the bettor’s activities in other ways. Sometimes accounts are simply blocked or disappear.

The amount of money his professional activity brings to the privateer allows him not to engage in sports betting on his own. The exact amount of monthly earnings depends on the number of clients and other factors. For popular and sought-after privateers, only 1 forecast can bring more than 15 thousand dollars. There are also world-famous professionals whose earnings are in the millions. For example, Bob Woolgaris, Sonny Reisner, Lam Benker, and others.

Professionals sometimes make predictions using inside information. You can get it in private clubs. In them, they exchange secret data that are inaccessible to ordinary bettors.



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