How Suppressing Emotions Affect Health And Relationships?

How Suppressing Emotions Affect Health And Relationships?
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People must seek help from their close family members and friends if they cannot cope with their feelings and emotions. However, sometimes individuals cannot function adequately and suffer from physical symptoms of anxiety that can affect personal and professional lives. It can lead to depression and worse symptoms. Hence, it is best to seek guidance regarding the therapies and medications from the psychiatrist in Lahore. The competent and reliable specialist will help the individual rationally express their emotions without denial of contentment.

The individual avoids their feelings and diverts their energy to other things in their life. The person who consciously suppresses emotions is more likely to suffer from impulsive behavior and aggression. The constant effort of concealing emotions can cause hindrance in making rational decisions. It affects physical health and may lead to depression. The individual is at a higher risk of suffering from social isolation and suicidal ideation. Hence, friends and family who notice the changes in the behavior must come forward and offer emotional support. It can help the individual to find the courage to seek professional help. For good health results you can check on Exipure.

The effect of suppressing emotions include:

  • Lack of Concentration: Individuals who cannot regulate their emotions rationally are more likely to have mood swings. The anxiety affects their functioning, and they cannot concentrate on any task. It affects their performance, which can further cause distress.
  • Sleep Problems: The person cannot focus and concentrate, which affects their sleep pattern. The individual suppressing their emotions remains tired and agitated most of the time. It can hinder the sleep routine and affect the functioning of vital organs.
  • Suffer from Mental Exhaustion: The conscious effort of suppressing emotions and feelings can cause exhaustion. The memories keep coming back. The person tries to suppress them, which can worsen the condition and affect cognitive functioning.
  • Change in Body Weight: Stress can lead to binge eating. The suppression of emotions can cause eating disorders, leading to obesity. Obesity correlates with heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to accept feelings and emotions to become aware of dealing with them rationally.
  • Digestion Problems: Stress and anxiety induce abdominal cramps. It can affect eating habits, and the individual is at a higher risk of suffering from gastroenterological issues.
  • Detrotaing Skin Health: Anxiety and worry can affect skin health and cause wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Reduction in Oxytocin: Oxytocin is known as the love hormone, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. However, suppressing emotions can lead to low production of oxytocin.
  • Brain Damage: The individual who consciously suppresses their emotions causes hindrance in the functioning of the temporal lobe. The suppression causes instability in the mood and may cause damage to the temporal lobe.
  • Difficulty in Communication: The constant stress, anxiety, and worry affect the way of communication. The individual remains agitated and cannot effectively communicate with peers and colleagues.
  • Hindrance in Maintaining Social Life: The person becomes intolerant due to constant worry. Therefore, they prefer to avoid social interactions. Eventually, they lose friends and cannot maintain a social life.
  • Affecting Personal and Professional Relationships: The lack of communication and hindrance in physical functioning, affects personal and professional relationships. The individual cannot perform at their optimum level, affecting their social, emotional, and professional growth.
  • Suffers from High Blood Pressure: Individuals who remain anxious due to suppressing their feelings are at a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. The stress increases the heart rate. It leads to high blood pressure and may become the cause of death. Hence, individuals must seek professional help to learn stress management techniques. Additionally, therapy will allow the individual to share their emotions and feelings with a psychiatrist without feeling judged.
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Caregivers who notice that their loved one is suffering from isolation and anxiety must support them and make them consult the best psychiatrist in Karachi for guidance regarding effective management strategies and theories to improve personal and professional life.

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