How to Choose a Dab Rig Under $100

Dabbing is a terrific alternative to smoking dry cannabis since it helps us to get the most out of it. Inhaling the vapor produced when concentrates are heated is far less of a challenge on the lungs and throat than inhaling dried plants.

As a result, dab rigs have become very popular.

If you’re already a regular flower smoker who wants to try dabbing, you need to know what to look for in a portable dab rig. The advantages of dabbing are remarkable, but dab rig kits are distinct from regular pipes, and finding the right type may be challenging initially.

However, we will make the process easy for you. The first thing you should know is that an expensive mini dab rig isn’t the only option for those looking to make an investment. In fact, many high-quality small dab rigs sell below $100.

We’ll simplify the many options in this article and how you can choose a good one for that price. If you are ready, keep reading.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Dab Rig?

The essential components of a dab rig are a glass piece, a heating element (often referred to as a nail), and a torch for lighting the nail. If you know what to look for in each component of a dab rig, you can easily pick the most suitable one and start trying out various concentrates immediately.

That Glass Piece

The glass piece is the most significant part of the rig, and it’s probably the first thing you notice when buying a rig.

Despite common belief, a bigger dab rig isn’t always better. Bigger rigs tend to reduce the vapor quality and potency of your smoke. So, for maximum flavor and potency, it’s better to go with a dab rig with a smaller glass piece.

Also, you want to be sure that your dab rig is safe with liquids. Although most dabs are made for dry herbs, most people like to cool their hit in water before enjoying it. If your rig was not designed for liquids, it might get damaged faster.


The nail looks small, but it’s a crucial part of the rig. Don’t let that small size fool you; if you don’t have a nail, you can’t dab.

This component of your dab rig retains your concentrates and rests on your glass piece. Furthermore, you use your torch to heat the nail, causing your dabs to vaporize.

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Most of the nails on the market today are made from glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium. The substance you choose will impact the temperature and longevity of the nail. However, the material of the nail will not affect the taste of the vapor.

Also, if you choose a terrible nail type, it can reduce the effectiveness of your rig. For instance, you could practically melt all of your concentrates without producing any vapor if your nail cools down too rapidly.

Each individual has their own preferred style of the nail. However, a titanium or glass nail is ideal for novice dabbers. Titanium nails are a great option since they are more durable and effective in heat retention than quartz (unlike glass).


For most people, the torch is the scariest part of dabbing. During the dabbing procedure, the torch is used to heat concentrates to the point where they become vapor.

Generally speaking, butane torches are the best. If you’re just starting dabbing, a smaller torch with a more controllable flame is a good choice.

Battery capacity

This particular feature is essential if you are buying an electric dab rig. Usually, an excellent electric dab rig should have enough power for your sessions whether you are a recreational user or you need it for medication. In most cases, you will be looking at a battery with a rating anywhere between 1500 and 3000mAh.

The Finest Dab Rigs Under $100

Finally, here is a list of some of the best dab rigs available for less than $100. All of the items here cost less than a hundred dollars, and they’re all durable, lightweight, and well-made.

1. The Soc Enail

We start with the Soc Enail, a compact electric dab rig under $100. The gadget is a steal for the price, so if you’re one of the fortunate ones who gets one, you’re in for a genuine treat. Temperatures on the Soc enail may be adjusted from 450 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (220 to 320 degrees Celsius) throughout its four heat levels.

This is the sweet spot for getting dabs at both low and high temperatures. Given its low cost, it comes with an impressive 2600 mAh battery that exceeds other top-shelf brands. It’s a good alternative that doesn’t break the bank yet providing satisfactory results.

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2. The W2 Electric Dab Rig

Sencond is the W2 Electric Dab Rig which you can call the stoner’s fantasy. This beautiful eRig will deliver long-lasting sessions whenever you need it with its 1,500mAH battery.

You can charge it with a USB C cable which allows rapid recharging and reliable operation.

The W2 eRig comes with lab-grade borosilicate glass for its mouthpiece, carb cap, downstem, and base. High-quality glass provides better protection and improves the purity and quality of the wax concentration during vaporization.

This eRig comes with four voltage setting adjustments, so you can use the rig as you wish. Even though the voltage settings are predetermined, these temperature profiles have been optimized to facilitate the extraction of specific bioactive compounds from your concentrates.

Plus, the W2’s single button and 20-second pre-heat mode make it one of the most user-friendly eRigs on the market. So, if you want an eRig under $100 that is easy to use and won’t break the bank, look no further than the W2 electric dab rig, which is the best electric dab rig you can reply on.

3. Terp Tube Ball Rig

It’s safe to say that this ball rig is among the most elegantly crafted on the list. With its vibrant colors and unique pattern, it will brighten up any setting.

Compared to other types, the ball rig is more compact, but it also employs recycling technology and disc perc, although on a smaller scale.

This dab rig works best for concentrates, but flower works ok too. In terms of value, it offers much more than its price.

4. Terp Tube Dabbing Starter Set

If you are new to dabbing and you are not sure what to expect, a dabbing beginner’s kit like this one may be a perfect choice.

This set comes with a carb cap, dab tool, terp pearls, Yo Dabba, and Dabba lil chugger. Even though the rig is a bit small, it is very durable. But the small size makes it even more potent, especially if you are a beginner.

With less than $100, you can have this rig and start your dabbing right away. 

5. Terp Tube Fat Bottom

The Terp Tube fat bottom rig is excellent if you want something that doesn’t break the bank but does the job effectively.

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Its sloped neck and 4-slit downstem allow you to easily dab from a table or whatever platform you choose. Also, it’s really compact and lightweight, meaning you can take it with you wherever you choose.

This rig was designed with a broad base and sturdy construction from high-quality borosilicate glass. So, it can withstand even the heaviest nails and is resistant to accidental drops. The best part is this rig can be yours for less than 100 dollars.

6. Klein Water Pipe Terp Tube

The Klein is another dab rig under $100 with everything you need. Despite its compact design, this rig has recycling technology, making it ideal for dabbing.

The recycler rig is among the greatest for retaining terpenes and getting the most out of your hits because of how efficiently it cools smoke without letting it evaporate or bubble away.

There’s a disc perc hidden somewhere for some subtle diffusion and an extra dose of coolness whenever you take a drag. Since it can be used with bowl slides and for both concentrates and flowers, we believe it’s one of the best dab rigs under $100.

7. Terp Tube Cone Rig dab rigs

The Cone Rig from Terp Tube is, to put it bluntly, extraordinary. It has a tilted mouthpiece for comfortable dabbing on a tabletop and is available in a rainbow of colors.

Most importantly, it has a cone perc, which helps to chill and spread smoke without losing your highly prized terpenes.

This dab rig under $100 is an excellent option for those who are clumsy. With its broad base, you can be sure it won’t fall off the table easily.  For less than $100, the Cone Rig is the best option if you want style and convenience.

Final Thoughts

Getting the proper dab rig is the first step in learning about dabbing and its benefits. With this handy buying guide in hand, you can confidently choose the finest and cheap dab rig for under $100, tailoring your purchase to your level of dabbing expertise.

Now, the ball is in your court. Given what you know, which dab rig would you pick? What do you think was the most striking feature of the dab rigs you chose?

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