How To Choose The Right Wedding Dress Modern Style For Your Body Shape

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Today, the hourglass, pear, rectangle, triangle, and oval are the five common women shapes. These shapes require different wedding dress (modern) styles for a perfect fit. For instance, if your body shape is an hourglass shape, the best gown for you isn’t a wedding dress princess style with fuller skirts.

Having an hourglass body shape means you have wider hips and a more defined waist. Sometimes, it could also mean you have a bigger bust. In this case, a wedding dress mermaid style will be a perfect option. But what are the best wedding styles for other body shapes?

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover how to pick the right wedding dress at Bliss Gown by just factoring in your body shape. So, continue reading!

1. The hourglass shape

What does it mean to have an hourglass shape? As earlier mentioned, with an hourglass body shape, you most likely have small & defined waists, a bigger bust, and wider hips. In terms of measurements, it also means your hip and bust measure almost the same size as a narrower waist.

  • With your curvy shape and perfectly balanced bust & hips, we’ll advise that you stay away from wedding dress princess styles, ball gowns, or wedding dress empire waist. That’s so because these wedding dress styles will only add extra (unnecessary) weight to your bust and hips.
  • Instead, what you need is a wedding dress that fits and shows off your naturally curvy body. In this case, a wedding dress mermaid style will make a perfect pick for you.
  • Furthermore, you should try and avoid a high-neck dress because of your bust. Instead, you can go for a wedding dress with a plunging neckline.
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2. The triangle shape

As a lady with a triangle shape, the best gown for you is a wedding dress unique to your body type. In case you don’t know, having a triangle body shape means your upper body and shoulders are bigger than your lower body.

  • In this case, we’ll advise that you stay away from strapless wedding dresses. In addition, you need to avoid halter neck and off-the-shoulder dresses. That’s so because these styles will only reveal your wider shoulders.
  • Instead, you can opt for a wedding dress V-neck style. Fuller strap wedding dresses with lace sleeves will also look better on you. You’ll look more balanced and broader with these styles compared to the strapless options.

3. The pear shape

As a lady, having a pear body shape means you have large hips, which are way wider than your shoulders and bust.

  • In this case, you certainly don’t need a wedding dress empire waist style. This option will only make your look bigger by hiding your perfect figure.
  • Instead, we’ll advise that you go for a wedding dress mermaid style that looks fit on you. A wedding dress with sleeves will also look good on you.

4. The oval body shape 

Having an oval-shaped body means your chest and abdomen parts are larger. In this case, your waist is not so defined. Instead, it’s way wider than your hips. Also, your hips and shoulders are proportional.

  • In this case, you should try as much as possible to avoid high-neck wedding gowns.
  • Instead, you can go for a wedding dress empire waist style. Also, a wedding dress A-line lace style will provide you with the illusion of a curvy and perfectly-balanced shape.
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5. The rectangle body shape 

Having a rectangle body shape means your bust, waist, and hip all have the same measurements. It could also mean you’re tall but have a very small bust and a little defined waist.

  • In this case, fishtail and wedding dress mermaid styles are not perfect for you. They will only reveal your straight body shape.
  • Instead, you can go for a wedding dress empire waist style or the wedding dress A-line option. Try and pick a dress option with a fuller bottom.

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