How to create a mobile app for your business

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Mobile internet is growing in popularity with more people using their tablets and smartphones as primary platforms for internet access. According to Statista, over 90% of internet users used mobile devices to go online in 2021. 

Such an undeniable trend signals to companies the necessity of creating a fully functioning user-friendly mobile app for their users. 

Key benefits of a mobile app for your company

Mobile apps allow businesses to stay competitive and meet customer demands.

Speed and ease of use for the end-user

Mobile apps enable quick access to services and products with an easy purchasing process. Nobody has time for anything these days, cumbersome websites and programs only make users annoyed. 

A well-designed mobile app streamlines interaction with the company, which can grow a customer base while increasing company profits.

New marketing opportunities 

Mobile apps are perfect for loyalty programs, special offers, and gamification. Take H&M for example, their mobile app is a combination of a catalogue, an online shop, and a digest with company news and special offers. 

Mobile apps also help us collect information about users that we wouldn’t be able to track otherwise (within legal limits, naturally). It means marketing departments can leverage analytics for a better understanding of market trends and patterns, and, subsequently, offer more personalised and relevant products.

Increased customer loyalty

Enabling users to make orders, leave comments, and track order status via a mobile app can greatly increase customer loyalty. And it’s not just younger generations using these apps – people across all age groups migrate to messengers and apps that allow them to do things on their own terms without disrupting their day or leaving their home. 

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How to create a mobile app: 5 key steps

Creating a mobile app for your business is a must these days, regardless of whether you are a software startup or an established company with a decades-long presence in the market. 

Here are the main steps one should take to develop a mobile app for their company.

Step 1: identify the whys

What will your mobile app be used for? Is it going to be a loyalty program, or maybe a customer service channel? Will you use it to take payments? Perhaps all of the above? It’s important to identify your app goals first because it will affect the development process and the frontend design.

Also, take your time with market research and come up with your unique advantage. Check what the competition is doing, note what they’ve done well, and see how you can adapt and innovate on top of that. 

Step 2: create a list of key features

Now that you know the main reasoning behind creating an app, brainstorm the main functionality that you need to support your objectives.

Here are a few examples of what can be on your list:

  • Online store to purchase products within the app.
  • Ticketing system to log and track issues.
  • Social media integration for likes and shares.
  • Location-based functionality (e.g. if you have physical stores)

Step 3: think through monetization

If we are talking about a B2B app that is an addition to your main offering, you might not require monetization in the traditional sense, but it would be smart to integrate a payment system or at least have it as an option for the future. Alternatively, brainstorm the marketing strategy for the app. How do you plan to use it to drive business? 

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Mobile app development can get rather expensive, so it has to make financial sense for your company. 

Step 4: hire the team to develop the app 

Web development and mobile development are two different things. In case you are only starting a software company, or maybe adding a mobile experience to an established business, you will have to hire professionals to do the job. 

Hiring internally can be exhausting. Finding the right candidates and onboarding them takes time. The risk of hiring someone who doesn’t fit in or lacks the necessary skills is also high. And if we add to it the time commitment that a proper mobile add development requires – it becomes almost unbearable.

A far more appealing approach would be to outsource software development to a capable partner. A professional outsourcing agency can build any mobile app based on your vision and preferences. And, more importantly, they can build it fast. 

Software development for startups is never a straightforward process. A reliable outsourcing partner has likely done this countless times, knows all the possible issues and bottlenecks, and has a proven plan for generating quality results.

In addition, an outsourcing agency has access to niche specialists whom you might not be able to hire should you go the internal team route. They can orchestrate the entire process, freeing you from worrying about the technical side of it. 

Step 5: submit the app 

Once done, submit your mobile app to platforms like iTunes and Google Play. 

Once approved and live, add links to download on your website and social media. It is vital to promote the app once it’s launched to gain traction. Don’t be shy about reminding clients with regular marketing communications. It would also be a good idea to launch a separate campaign tied to the app. For example, you can offer discount codes that will only work for in-app orders. 

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Partner with Emphasoft for mobile app development 

Focus your limited startup resources on building a strategy and growing – outsource app development to Emphasoft. 

Our Emphasoft team is comprised of 170+ specialists who share diverse expertise in product development. With over 135 projects delivered within the last 2 years, we understand how to create high-quality products fast. From software for startups and MVP software development to mobile apps and IT consultancy, Emphasoft has you covered.

We can start working on your project within 3 days, so please reach out to us with your idea and we will bring it to life!

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