Title: How To Create a Successful Business Pitch Deck
Title: How To Create a Successful Business Pitch Deck

How To Create a Successful Business Pitch Deck

This post was most recently updated on July 19th, 2021

Business pitches today have moved out of the brick-and-mortar model of age-old presentations. The agile corporate world demands top-notch presentations that engage and hook your stakeholders. If crafted with perfection, your business pitch can enlighten your investors about your company and help seal the business deal. This article will be your perfect guide to know about the golden tips of creating a business pitch. First, let us first know about some must-have elements to incorporate in it:

  • Introduction
  • Executive team
  • Problem
  • Target Market
  • Solution (Product demo)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Traction
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model
  • Finances
  • Investment and Funding

Here are seven strategies to make wow-worthy slide designs in business pitch decks:

Impressive Templates

The first key to form your business pitch is employing professionally crafted templates. Often presenters start creating a presentation from scratch and end up jeopardizing design & slide aesthetics. You can leverage ready-to-use, business-friendly templates and feature your content intuitively & appealingly.

Render your investors speechless with appealing and attractive business pitch templates. SlideModel offers a variety of incredible templates & slide designs for every startup and entrepreneur. You can easily construct an elevator pitch and woo investors, evangelists, and other audiences in no time.

Engaging Multimedia

The norm in the business industry these days is to avoid bullet points and hefty paragraphs. Instill enticing multimedia like HD visuals and videos. Dazzle the minds of your clients with never seen before infographics add stars to a presentation.

Choose an appropriate color scheme to go with your multimedia for branding aesthetics. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, visuals and infographics can help you cast a lasting impression on your audience.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization plays a game-changer role in your presentation decks. Often people overburden slides with analytical data and hence, end up overwhelming the audience. Leverage stimulating data visuals to put forward your statistics in an audience-friendly manner. Charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and trend lines can help you come up with engaging slides and put you one step ahead of your competitor. 

Data Visualization will not only make your pitch easy to comprehend but will resonate in your stakeholders’ minds. You can consider using 3D charts, graphs, vector diagrams, and shapes to transform datasets into easy to comprehend visuals. 

Concise and Compact

Ensure to design your business pitch with simplicity and minimalism. Keep it crisp. Make a rule to put only one slide per topic. It will prevent overcrowding of information on slides and make them more organized. Be mindful of the slide hierarchy while crafting this pitch. Format your slide content according to the element you want your investors to glance at first. You can consider following the 10 20 30 rule as well.

The rule says that your presentation should not have more than 10 slides in total. Further, it states that the presentation should not take more than 20 minutes to deliver and typography should be at least at 30pt. Thus, following the rule helps you keep the deck short, meaningful, and compelling.

SWOT or PESTEL Analysis 

Your investors are more interested in knowing your company’s USP than anything else. SWOT or Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat analysis can do wonders once included in the presentation slide. A SWOT Analysis in your presentation helps showcase your company’s strategy formation, market stance, competition, and other key performance indicators.

Utilize captivating SWOT and PESTLE Analysis templates for showcasing a comprehensive company picture. It will assist your investors on why your entrepreneurship is worthy of their funding. Thus, you can foster robust trust with your audience.


Your business pitch deck must always have functional fonts possessing good readability. Typography helps you set a tone for your presentation and also makes the presentation look legitimate. Your pitch deck should cater to a striking appeal while maintaining its simplicity. 

With effective typography, presenters can catch the eye of the audience, make reading easier for them, establish trust and confidence. Always avoid using fancy fonts. Set your font size to 30pts or above for easy visibility.

Include Real-Life Experience

Your investors will get impressed manifold if you cite real-life examples and include testimonials. Nothing will get you that funding quicker than your investors hearing how your product solved a customer problem. It becomes imperative to be realistic and let your audience connect with your story.

When it comes to delivering your business pitch, weave a good narrative and use the storytelling approach. Start your presentation with a hook and keep your clients mesmerized by creating your presentation with the above tips. 



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