How to Develop an SEO Strategy Focused on Mobile?

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How to Develop an SEO Strategy Focused on Mobile?
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Smartphone and tablet technologies are shifting at a rapid rate and with moves from 4G to 5G for faster internet access, more people are spending their time on their mobiles rather than behind the desktop. It also means that a growing number of mobile users want secure and effective ways of transacting online from their smart devices because it offers convenience and helps to streamline everyday processes.

With more than 40% of today’s mobile users on the internet, it is no wonder that businesses are looking to align their SEO strategy with mobile technologies! With mobile-focused SEO Los Angeles businesses and website owners will discover how to increase their rank for mobile search using custom marketing measures and optimization campaigns.

What is Mobile SEO?

The process of mobile SEO helps create a website that works across mobile devices. This includes the development of attractive platforms that are compatible with different screen sizes making it easier for mobile users to perform different functions including the option to make purchases with ease.

With almost 80% of mobile users performing transactions from their devices, businesses that fail to incorporate mobile compatibility as part of an SEO campaign will be missing out on building customers, increasing their sales, and growing their bottom line.

You only have to look at the rapid growth of smartphone technologies over the last decade to realize just how many people rely on their handheld devices to perform research, connect to social media, and complete online transactions. For those who visit a website and struggle to navigate the pages or complete specific functions, they’ll move on to a competitor that can provide a better user experience.

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To capture the attention of the mobile market requires a professionally planned and executed mobile optimization strategy.

More Reasons to Include Mobile SEO

Creating a website is a necessary part of online marketing but if it isn’t mobile compatible then it could lead to the loss of thousands of customers. We look at a few important reasons to make mobile SEO a part of your digital marketing campaign.

Positive User Experience

Over 70% of online visitors will return to a website that offers a positive mobile experience. It is therefore important to ensure that every aspect of the website from the scale of media and content to the loading times for each page is designed for mobile compatibility.


Websites that are mobile-friendly are considered more reputable compared to those without. SEO for mobile ensures that every page, including product or service pages, is optimized for the search engines. A high ranking position in the search engines and a user-friendly experience contribute to the trustworthiness of a website.

Buying On the Go

Customers agree that they are more likely to make an online purchase using their mobile, especially while away from their desktop or when notified of a special offer. Mobiles provide the convenience of buying online or completing time-sensitive forms that encourage ongoing business and transactions.

Mobile Strengthens SEO

By incorporating mobile compatible pages, it can strengthen your current optimization campaign. Search engines such as Google index mobile pages which means that it supports the rank of websites that focus on mobile-friendliness.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Before you decide to overhaul your online marketing campaign, you can check whether you have a mobile-friendly website using mobile-friendly tools online.

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By creating a detailed analysis of the shortfalls on your pages, it is easier to focus on the areas that you need to strengthen for the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Speak to SEO Professionals You Can Trust

Mobile-friendly pages are designed for ease of viewing across mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Whether a blog, an informational website, or an eCommerce website, all functions should be accessible, secure, and updated. Content including graphics and videos should be scaled to different screen sizes whether viewed in a vertical or a horizontal position.

To maximize the results, you can achieve with mobile SEO, it is always a good idea to speak to optimization professionals. With expert, SEO Los Angeles businesses can rest assured that every web page is optimized for mobile friendliness. With the expertise of an optimization company, they will analyze each page and assist with the overall website development and design.

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