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How to Download WhatsApp Status Easily in 2021?

How to Download WhatsApp Status Easily in 2021?

Occasionally, you may be interested in the WhatsApp status of a friend and want to download it. The status picture on WhatsApp can easily by a screenshot, but what about the video status? Here’s how to download WhatsApp video status to your phone.

Consider putting it as your status or simply sharing it with others. The status, however, is automatically deleted after 24 hours. Be careful not to misuse this information, and be sure to get permission before downloading someone’s status.

Today in this article, I will be telling you how you can download WhatsApp status. Stick to this article as it’s a long journey.

Download WhatsApp Status

I will tell you three ways for how you can download WhatsApp status. All three methods are easy and handy.

Download WhatsApp Status by GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the modded version of the original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp comes with many excellent features. One of these features is to download WhatsApp status.

Click here for GBWhatsApp Download the instant messenger app mod.

Once you have downloaded the app, click on the status you want to download. An option to download the status will appear. Click on it, and it will automatically download the status.

If you don’t want to download GBWhatsApp, then you can continue to read as it may help you download the status that you like.

Download Status by App

There are many worthy apps on the Google play store to download WhatsApp status. Follow the following steps to do so.

·        Go to Google play store.

·        Search for status saver in the search box.

·        Download the app and open it.

·        Open the status you want to download and click on the icon that will appear.

Download WhatsApp Status without any App

It is straightforward to download WhatsApp status without any app. You need to do a few steps to download the status. Follow the following steps.

·        Go to the phone’s file manager.

·        Open its settings.

·        Enable the show hidden files option.

·        Now go to internal storage and open WhatsApp.

·        Open media files.

·        After that open the statuses tab.

·        In this file, you will see all the recent statuses you watched.

·        Copy and paste the video into another folder to save it.


How can I download someone’s WhatsApp status?

You can directly download WhatsApp status with the help of GBWhatsApp. There’s a feature of downloading status. GBWhatsApp enables you to download the status whenever you watch it.

How can I download WhatsApp status without an app?

File manager helps you save WhatsApp status easily. You can also use GBWhatsApp to save the WhatsApp status directly.

Final Words

You can easily save WhatsApp status by GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp was created to solve such issues in the original WhatsApp. If you don’t want to download GBWhatsApp, there are other options too. You can download an app from the play store that downloads status or save files from the files manager.



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