How to download YouTube videos free? 

How to download YouTube videos free? 
How to download YouTube videos free? 

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-on-demand platform. YouTube is a free video-sharing service based in the United States that allows users to easily view videos online. You may also make and share your own videos. YouTube, which was launched in 2005, has grown to become one of the most popular websites on the Internet, with over 6 billion hours of video watched each month. YouTube is the second most frequented website on the internet, after Google itself, with roughly 23 billion monthly users. The majority of them view videos on YouTube’s website or through one of the several YouTube applications.

To begin with, it is one of the most popular and frequently utilized online content platforms. It’s the hub for all kinds of information. YouTube has it all, from fresh to ancient videos, music videos to news.

There are several ways to download videos from YouTube. Download YouTube videos in formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, and others. However, not all videos may be downloaded those set to private viewing are not downloadable, and there is also an option for offline watching that content providers can block. YouTube video download, download YouTube video, YouTube video download app, YouTube video download online, YouTube video download y2mate.

We’ll show you how to accomplish it in a couple different ways. On a Windows laptop or PC, as well as on Android phones, downloading videos is available  and simple.                                         

Download videos using YouTube Premium (paid monthly)

Watch videos offline if you want an ad-free experience.

Step 1: Go to YouTube.

Open the YouTube app and make sure your browser is up to date, or else the download will fail.

Step two: Choose the video quality to download.

Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, scroll to the bottom, and then pick Settings, followed by Downloads. You may select the video resolution you want to download here—YouTube premium subscribers can download videos up to 1080p.

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Step 3: Watch the video while not connected to the internet.

Once the video has been downloaded, go to the top left hamburger menu and select Downloads. The video is available for offline watching here.

Download videos using Y2Mate or bolt – desktop (online, free)

It supports a variety of music and video files, including MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, M4V, and others, and allows you to download an infinite number of films with high-speed encoding.

Bolt Browser:

Step 1: Launch the YouTube Official App. 

Step 2: Search for a video in the search box or choose one from the YouTube future trends.

Step 3: Now, tap the video. 

Step 4: On the YouTube app, press the “Download” icon (located between the Share and Save button)

        The video will be downloaded as per your internet speed and the size of the video. 

Y2K :

Step 1: First, copy the YouTube video URL.

Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to save and copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Copy and paste it into the Y2Mate website.

Step 3: Make a decision on your resolution.

The movie will begin processing as soon as you paste the URL. Then, to convert the video, you’ll get a window with numerous resolution and file size options. Select your option and press the Convert button.

Step 4: Save the video to your computer.

In addition to the resolution you select, you will see a download option. When you click on it, it will begin downloading to your device.

Download YouTube Video in Mp4: 

Convert YouTube Video to Mp4 UsingYmp4

Step 1: Go to the Ymp4 website.

Step 2: In the box, copy and enter the YouTube URL for the video you want to convert to mp4 and download. Press the “Go” button.

Step 3: To download and save your movie, click the “Download Video” option. You may also choose a better resolution video from the menu and save that version of your mp4 movie by clicking the “Download” button.

 How to Download Video from Savethevideo.com

SaveTheVideo.com is a free online video downloader and converter that works with a variety of websites. SaveTheVideo, a YouTube downloader, has its own app; it’s nothing exceptional, but it does enable you use this website more effectively.

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STEP 1: Locate the video you wish to download and copy its URL address.

STEP 2: Paste the URL into the SaveTheVideo search box and press enter.

STEP 3: Choose a format, quality, and size for your video, then convert it. 

How to download YouTube videos using 4K Downloader?

Step 1: Launch your preferred browser and navigate to the 4KDownloader website. Select the operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux) and click the Download button. Install the software package after the download is complete.

How to download YouTube playlists and entire channels with 4K Video  Downloader

Step 2: 

In your Web browser, open YouTube and copy the video URL from the address bar at the top.

Step 3

Launch the 4K Video Downloader programme and select the green Paste URL option to paste the video link you just copied.

Step 4:

This will parse the video and then allow you to pick the video format and resolution by clicking on the relevant tick box. By selecting the Choose option, you can also specify the download location. After that, click the Download option to save the movie to your PC or Mac.

How to download YouTube videos using a website?

Copying and pasting the video URL on a website page and hitting the download button is one of the simplest ways to download a YouTube video.

Step 1: 

In your Web browser, navigate to YouTube and open the video you wish to download for offline watching.

Step 2:

Copy the video URL from the top address bar and navigate to the Save from Net page.

Step 3:

Copy the video URL and paste it into the Just insert a link box. This will parse the YouTube video and display it.

Step 4:

Choose the video format and quality next to the green Download icon, and then click the Download button to save the YouTube video to your PC. 

How to download YouTube videos in Chrome?

Tamper Monkey is one of the most popular browser extensions, with over 10 million users. Tamper monkey is used to execute so-called user scripts on websites.

Step 1:

Search for “Tamper Monkey” on the Chrome Web Store, or go straight to the Tamper Monkey Chrome extension website. In the top-right corner, click “Add to Chrome.”

Step 2:

Tamper monkey may be installed by clicking “Add extension.” You may pin the add-on to Chrome’s toolbar for convenient access. Select the “Pin” option next to Tamper monkey by clicking the Extensions button (the one that looks like a jigsaw piece).

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Step 3:

The Tamper Monkey website will open in a new tab and inform you that the extension has been installed successfully.

Step 4: 

Go to Greasy Fork, a user scripts site.

Step 5: 

This will lead you to the Tamper Monkey’s page for Local YouTube Downloader. To add the script to Tamper monkey, click the Install button here.

Step 6:

 Click the Tamper monkey extension button and choose Dashboard to verify that the script was installed appropriately. Local YouTube Downloader should be shown as “Enabled” here.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use SaveTheVideo.com for free?

Yes, SaveTheVideo.com is and will remain completely free, but since it is, we rely on advertising to support the costs of operating and maintaining it.

Is it possible to download copyrighted content?

No, you are not permitted to download copyrighted content from SaveTheVideo.com.

Is it possible to download just the audio from a video?

If you can’t locate any audio download options on a website’s download page, you may convert the video to any audio format, including MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, and more.

Where can I get video downloads?

In some countries/regions, you can watch videos offline on your phone. YouTube may not be available in all areas and, as a result, may not be available in these countries. We’re focusing on expanding our areas and bringing a tailored YouTube experience to new nations and regions.

Do videos instantly download?

Videos may download automatically if you’ve downloaded a whole playlist. However, you should not notice automatically downloaded stuff if you download videos separately. It also depends on how long it’s been since you’ve engaged with the playlist. If you’ve recently watched a video from a playlist and a new video is added to that playlist, the new video will immediately download. The video may also download automatically if you’ve downloaded that playlist in the previous 30 days.

How can I save YouTube audio, music, or MP3 files to my computer?

If a music video file is available, you can download it by following the procedures to download a video. The YouTube app does not allow you to download audio, music, or MP3 files.


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